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Croppie - element plugin to crop and zoom images before upload


New version 1.0.0

  • Stability improvements, hopefully will prevent some of the crash-type issues.
  • Console logging option, type in “true” in the Plugin setting page to get some logs in the browser console.
  • Error event and error message value.




No additional fun features just yet =)



I have the exact same issue: When users upload photos, I noticed that some of them have some white-space where it shouldn’t.

I can verify that it happens (almost consistently) when:

  • accessing the app from a mobile device
  • for an image that has been rotated (with the relevant workflow action)

It seems to me that the image is not uploaded in its entirety…

Did you manage to solve this somehow?


Hey @rushabh and @pgoros,

Thanks for the detailed bug report. I was able to reproduce the white area problem with your sample images.

I think the bug has to do with part of the cropping code doesn’t take into account the changed dimensions due to rotation, which explains why some people see it and some don’t.

A fix for the code has been suggested, I’ll find some time this week to try it out.


Thanks for the update! Please let us know when you find some time to fix this.


Thanks @mishav - looking forward to the update. If you have a paypal or square cash account, I would like to buy you some coffees to thank you :slight_smile:

Also I have a feature request: Ability to resize images to specific dimensions after upload.

From my perspective, this is the one last feature that is needed to make this a near perfect picture uploader. See How to scale images to specific dimensions using imgix for context.


I think I’ve come across a small bug: if you load in an image file, and then clear the croppie, and then load in the same file, the croppie remains blank. If you load in another file however, it works as usual.

Sorry if I missed this already being reported. This thread has gotten pretty long :slight_smile:


Also I have a feature request: Ability to resize images to specific dimensions after upload.

It looks like the plugin already does this which is very awesome!

40 PM


@mishav - were you able to work on the cropping bug? Anything we can do to help?


@mishav - any ETA on the fix for the ‘white area problem’? Happy to buy you some beers/coffee for this =)



is it possible to use cropped image as a temp image without storing on S3? E.g. pass the viewport part of the image to some other image element on a page. Or send a cropped part to an external API for processing.

If not: does it make a cleanup of S3 storage? because users can play a lot with cropping and to store everything could result in lots of garbage.


I’m having this same issue with rotation (with EXIF on or off). An image taken in portrait on iPhone always shows up rotated to landscape in the croppie view. I rotate it back to vertical and zoom in for uploading. It appears that any portion of the image that was outside of the right edge of the original view was replaced by white space even though it displays correctly in and outside of the viewport boundary after rotation.

This doesn’t seem to be a problem when the original image capture is in “landscape” since I don’t need to rotate it.

Any ideas? I’m pulling my hair out.


@mishav - ping here again =)



First off, this is a great plugin. Thank you for making it.

I am having few issues.

  • The Browse a Croppie is not opening the file finder in normal mode.
    Oddly when I run it in debug Step by step it works fine, switch to Normal and it does not work.
  • An odd 1 pixel whitespace appears on the right and left of the result image.
  • If Zoom is disabled it still shows a white space at the bottom where the zoom control would be


  • Color options for the Zoom control, the green button does not fit my UI
  • Ability to have a Preview Result Image display realtime in another Image Holder
  • Ability to disable Zoom Control but still keep Mouse Wheel Zoom enabled.

Any thoughts?

Croppie won't open file picker?

Hi @mishav I was wondering if I could also chip in with beer/coffee money with @rushabh to get the white space bug looked into :slight_smile:


Hi, love the plugin functionality but I’m having some photos come in upside down. Can provide some samples if you guys want to test. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this.


After spending way too much time, I finally gave up trying to find a solution to the white space and rotation issues and just put a note above the Croppie viewport saying “for best results take a landscape photo”. Not ideal.


Gotcha, you can also put a rotation button as well if it comes in wrong which is what I ended up doing


I’ve got the rotation buttons, but when I rotate or zoom, I end up with an image with the white space along one edge. Seemed that it was more common if the original photo was portrait.


v1.0.1 New version

  • Fix to white area from rotated rectangular images.

I’d appreciate any test results.

Thank you everyone for your patience while I was away from here!


Hi Jonathan, if you could PM some sample links and steps to reproduce, I’ll have a look. Possibly the plugin might need a more recent version of the EXIF library : )