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Custom State for current cell of repeating group



I currently have a repeating group that has been set up to enable drag and drop functionality. I have been able to get the drag and drop parts working fine. I have the database set up to hold the sort order and after extensive testing everything is working fine.

My problem lies in the fact that I have a drop down input in the repeating group. This input is set by the user and then has a custom state that is set to the same value selected. The issues that have arisen are that when I drag and drop other text elements in the repeating group the drop down input value gets changed.

I have tried multiple approaches and using custom states is getting me closer to my end result. Essentially I am trying to get the “time”, which is the values of the drop down input, to remain the same after the text elements have been moved around using drag and drop. I would like to basically “lock” the time value to the sort order of the repeating group data fields.

My conclusion is that if I am able to figure a way to set a custom state onto a current cell in the repeating group that I would then be able to save successfully in the database the correct “time” for each data field. I had already attempted to set custom states onto the drag and drop group and the drop area but when saving to the database all data fields have the same time since they are referencing the drag and drop group or drop area last manipulated.

Anybody know how to set a custom state onto a current cell in a repeating group?


I see that you got no response. Hopefully you got your answer another way.

I’m having a different problem with custom states in repeating group cells. but . . .

in your case,

I think the most realistic answer is to enable auto-binding on the dropdown time element. That way the database thing is updated immediately and when the thing is dragged to another cell, it already has the right time and will appear in the cell’s dropdown.

I hope that addressed your challenge.


Thanks for the reply. I have since figured this out. I forget exactly what it was that I had done, but I think your suggestion was something I explored. I believe the issue with that was when dragged to another cell, the drag and then dropped caused the times to get mixed up.

I believe I ended up using a strategy incorporating custom states and the current cell’s index to associate with a sort order of a particular cell. I think I had to save to a current state the information and use the numbers of current cell index and sort order to match data fields to them.

I’m not really sure what I had finally done.

What is the issue you are having with custom states in repeating group cells?


Like you, I don’t recall precisely what it was (or is.) I have such a list of minor issues with my app I sometimes feel like a pinball, bouncing from one thing to another and losing track of where I’ve been. :smirk:

It didn’t involve drag-drop. I keep those as simple as I possibly can.

It had something to do with a checkbox icon, using custom state to determine its image, sometimes holding the appearance that belonged to the row that was deleted from the list when the checkbox was clicked.

A lot of what is annoying to me, the testers don’t even notice, so I prioritize my fixes based on data integrity more than UI appearance. I think I still have some repeating groups with custom state issues that don’t look good but don’t affect the data.

Back to the old grindstone.


@laurence… I’m loving your pinball analogy! :slight_smile:

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