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Custom User URL's


Hey guys,

I’m trying to find away to append a username into the URL.

I’ll like my users to create a username [BigMac] and append this value at the end of the URL.

What is the difference between "current user" and "current page user"?

How did he get to step one? The screenshot does not show the whole screen smh.


@NigelG Can you so kindly help?


The function is “get data from page url” and then you choose “path”


No problem.

What are you trying to do ? Create a link to or redirect your page to it.

You won’t be able to do quite what you want … it will need to be …

or, as Gaby shows, pull it back out again :slight_smile:


Yeah, I want to change the URL. is great also. I just need to know how to do it.

@romanmg I’m confused. Is that just changing a text element?


Here’s what I see.



Sorry I confused you. I thought you just couldn’t find how to get to “Get path from page url”. I was just using a text element to show you how to get the expression.

One way to do this with the URL is to add a big group to the page and set it to type = user, source = “search for User’s (username = get path from url) :first item” . Put all of your page elements inside the group.

Now, the group is referencing a user record whose username is in the path of the url. Everything inside the group refers to the “Parent group’s user.” For example, an image’s dynamic file would = “Parent group User’s image”

What you’re currently doing is passing a user record to the page, which is how Bubble “likes it,” but it forces the unique ID in the url. So you need to pass/retrieve the user data a different way if you want the clean url you’re looking for.

Make sure to remove the “type” from the page properties if you’re going to go with the path method.


I don’t see [get path from url] @romanmg


As Gaby pointed out,

First Select Get data from page URL

Then within that, change Type to Path.


The URL has not changed. @wegetdesign @romanmg @NigelG

And I can’t grab and data without putting current user.


Can anyone help? Please


Any Ideas? Really need help with this.


So when you test this, note that you’re gonna have to have a user’s unique ID in the URL of your test page.

You get, right?

Otherwise you’re not going to see this work, even if you’ve set it up right.

So that’s one thing.

You might also search for replies from me about “user profile page” as I feel like I’ve I’ve answered this question a million times in different ways.

I think you’re not getting help as the answer to your question is well provided by Gaby above.

But you might also not understand how to even test this and so I answered THAT at the start of this reply.


Do you see another one, @samhouston1107?


Another? I’m trying to figure out what @hikaru is talking about. I guess there’s another easier way.

His application did it in a test version. Why can’t mine?


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