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🕶 Dark Mode For Bubble is Here - Chrome Extension from Zeoqode


We know many users were secretly wanting this, so we decide to experiment with Dark Mode for Bubble Editor :slight_smile: To give it a try for yourself just install our chrome extension for Bubble here and then switch the “dark mode” toggle on.
Also we have added shortcuts for zoom-in and zoom-out features recently added by Bubble.

Have fun bubbling! :slight_smile:

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Dark Mode for Bubble Editor

Amazing, going to use this a lot :smiley:


Awesome, Marcus, thanks a lot. Any feedback how to improve it are very welcome :slight_smile:


Cool idea! Thanks a lot, @levon!

Just one thing: Bubble’s Klein blue makes it hard in dark mode to read the name of the selected element in the elements tree.


It’s much more comfortable when it’s grey & black like for the other categories:


Thanks again!


you are right, Lucien, we tried to change it everywhere to light grey, but seems we have overlooked some places where it’s used. Did you see it anywhere else?


@Lucien we have improved the parts which you pointed out and some others. Hope it helps.


Hi Levon, that’s great, thanks!

I spotted a few others (charts in Logs, blue words in Settings, blue privacy rules in Data, dark grey words in Template, etc.) but it’s not as important as the elements tree that we are constantly look at, we can totally live with that :slight_smile:

Thanks again!