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Database connector Azure SQL firewall question



I installed the Bubble database connector and got it to retrieve data from my SQL database on Azure. However, I need to allow a specific IP address on my Azure server in order to allow queries coming from Bubble.

When you setup the original connection in the plugin you get a popup message saying you need to allow IP address in the Azure firewall for the connection to work. So, I update the firewall rule in Azure to allow this IP and all is fine.

The problem is that my connection to the Azure database does not work the following day as the Bubble IP initiating the query to the server changes. That IP not being authorized already in my Azure firewall, the request is denied. So, I have to manually add a new IP address to my Azure firewall for it to work.

Of course, this is tolerable in a development situation but would not work in real life. Are there specific IP addresses that Bubble uses all time that I could whitelist on my Azure firewall ? Of course, I do not want to make my database accessible from any IP…

Has anybody been faced with this same issue ?



If the Bubble app is on a dedicated server plan, it will have a fixed IP address you can use in the firewall.

Otherwise, if the app is on shared servers, so the IP address changes. Bubble support may be able to provide you the range of IP addresses it can be in.