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Design 3D draft



There are more and more nice design like this one on Airdev (see screenshot). It is pretty cool and give depth to the website.

Do you know library where we can use download for free or buy some ?
Do you know a tool/ software to built it ?


I’m pretty sure the majority of the various websites shutterstock, evarto etc etc provide these generic business theme/concept visuals.

I would suggest soliciting some input from, I’ve always found their website visually appealing, elegant, relevant & consistent.


If you’re talking about where the images came from, they come from I use this tool in all of my sites.


Thanks MIT


I quite like the site they have quite a high quality selection but limited and adobe stock as it’s part of my Adobe Cloud plan. In a recent project I did the illustrations myself with a watercolour aesthetic as I wanted to differentiate the page, you can check it out at


Just wanted to add these awesome illustrations are MIT licensed too :slight_smile:


Another one :slight_smile:


I just saw this today on loved it!


Saw these today - love them! :slight_smile: