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Displaying a list of addresses and current location on map

Hello I need help in displaying a list of addresses and the user’s current geographic location on map.
I have searched the forums and have not found a solution. Currently the limitation is that you can only show one type of marker on the Map. If I have some addresses in table, I can use the List, but I want to also show the Current user’s current geographic location - without having to create a new record in the table (and then deleting it later).

Here is my simple mapper application with addresses:

Is there anyway to use native Google API code and the map feature together?


PM sent, Please check.


Use the google map extended plugin here

First add a marker with the workflow action for the current users location. Then Go to the workflows and add a list of markers from the database

Thanks everyone for the help, but @duke.severn provided a solution that worked for me:

  1. Create Map
  2. Create Custom State on map, type is “geo address” and enable check mark “List”
  3. On Map set “Type of Markers” to “geo address”
  4. On Map set “Data Source” to Maps Custom State name from step #2
  5. Create Workflow “When Page is Loaded”
  6. On workflow modify custom state “Set State”, select custom state created in step #2, value is your search of addresses:plus item current geo position.

Hope that helps, here are images as I may not have my app open forever.

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