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Do a search based on Check Boxes not working right


Basically I have it where some check boxes filter a repeating group. Thing is, some of them do not work or at least do not work accurately. I will post a video here for you to see. Am I missing something or did I do something wrong? I really appreciate any help. By the way, I know in the video that i settled on intersect with, but I did change it back to merged.

Here is the link to the builder:



Hi, i havent looked at your app in detail, but why not create your own checkboxes with custom states, they will look consistent on all devices that way.



Hey Beau,

Thanks for the suggestion. I thought about it but didn’t give enough though to filtering a repeating group based on custom states. Also, with the check boxes you can quickly uncheck something. I have been building many apps recently and having two workflow steps that have an only statement dont seem to do to well. I originally wanted buttons but haven’t really felt that to be too encouraging.


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