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Do you have plans for offline apps?


Hey man!

Your list of menu options is slow on loading…

Here’s a funny idea:

Pack your menu into a list, saved in a single item. Use that single cell to populate your repeating group. Let that load first (prevent the RG from loading it’s bigger list by blocking it to wait until the other content has loaded). So the menu loads from the regex parsed cell, and in the moments that people are taking a gander at the menu, your GR can load from the database :smiley:

The reason I say this is that you mentioned that your list rarely changes. In those most beautiful of moments, I really love using a jam packed object into a cell. It loads in a blink and you can extract data from it with good ole regex my friend!

Just a thought.

Have a great day!



This week is the anniversary of the last message in this thread and I thought I should revive it - what’s the update on Bubble getting offline / PWA capabilities?



i am unable to understand that which files do i have to download to save in the root directory, as far as i know bubble does not lets you download the code.
excuse me if the question is basic,

i am a complete newbie