Documental Docx, PDF, Image & CSV Converions - OCR, EXIF, Instant Maps all in one - Now with Save to your Apps Database!


Thanks for your help!

Hey @mebeingken the above may help.


Cancel that I have given UP!

Can’t get this to produce any kind of quality document It also is slow and seems to lock the app in some kind of ongoing connection.

I have cancelled my subscription.


As you guys can imagine, its fairly difficult to diagnose issues without examples but here are my findings after a sizable amount of time looking into various ways people may/may not be using the product.

  • issues regarding an images suddenly not working - it seems app’s are denying access as per CORRS even though my CORRS override method has always worked prior & continues to work in the demo! - I have engaged bubble’s support team and hope to have this sorted ASAP.

  • Another issue I have identified is that Image sizing in the SnapShot element should be better iterated to users and that the use of the term “Size” would be better written as “Scale”. The default measurements when converted should appear to be of A4 sizing. As with the majority of issues, this will become a non issue with the pending update.

  • The Progress bar issue was also a direct cause of the first mentioned issue, as images are denied, it produced the same outcome bubble has always suffered in the event a pending download was not to finalize and continue to process nothing at all.

I will be updating you here as soon as the issue first mentioned above is resolved as i believe this is the most pressing.

Thank you for your patience.


All above issues have been resolved, except the “Size” issue that i will address with either the next update or a quick patch.


Anyone gotten the multiple pages compiler to work?