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Documental Docx, PDF, Image & CSV Converions - OCR, EXIF, Instant Maps all in one - Now with Save to your Apps Database!


Thanks for your help!

Hey @mebeingken the above may help.


Cancel that I have given UP!

Can’t get this to produce any kind of quality document It also is slow and seems to lock the app in some kind of ongoing connection.

I have cancelled my subscription.


As you guys can imagine, its fairly difficult to diagnose issues without examples but here are my findings after a sizable amount of time looking into various ways people may/may not be using the product.

  • issues regarding an images suddenly not working - it seems app’s are denying access as per CORRS even though my CORRS override method has always worked prior & continues to work in the demo! - I have engaged bubble’s support team and hope to have this sorted ASAP.

  • Another issue I have identified is that Image sizing in the SnapShot element should be better iterated to users and that the use of the term “Size” would be better written as “Scale”. The default measurements when converted should appear to be of A4 sizing. As with the majority of issues, this will become a non issue with the pending update.

  • The Progress bar issue was also a direct cause of the first mentioned issue, as images are denied, it produced the same outcome bubble has always suffered in the event a pending download was not to finalize and continue to process nothing at all.

I will be updating you here as soon as the issue first mentioned above is resolved as i believe this is the most pressing.

Thank you for your patience.


All above issues have been resolved, except the “Size” issue that i will address with either the next update or a quick patch.


Anyone gotten the multiple pages compiler to work?


Hey @jarrad. Seeing this error today but haven’t made any changes to this area of my app.

Can you take a look, and advise?





Thanks for this, would be great if anyone experiencing issues with this service could use the service its self to report it then also here if they feel its helpful to others - not a winge just makes it extremely hard to delegate jobs internally when the main point of contact accross all services is a forum thread.

I have had a look at live sites running the plugin, have made test calls internally and checked the engines metrics and I can replicate the error, can you please gather some info on what and how your trying to use the service including any notable bubble version updates of late and use the contact form on the Documental website. Much appreciated.


Thanks @jarrad. I’m assuming you meant to say you “can’t” replicate the error, and at this point in time, neither can I. I previously checked on dev and live sites, but it is now clear on both.

As a side note, I’ll try to remember to utilize your method of support, but with dozens of plugins it can be challenging to track the vendors preferred support mechanism. Ideally, Bubble or the community of plugin developers could come up common method of reporting and discussing issues, or at a minimum having a clear indication of how to receive support on the plugin page. Some vendors use Service link, others make a note in the description, and sometimes the service link points to a third party api reference, etc. Not a big deal, just a thought.


Indeed i meant cant, I understand the problem around where to go with support and its a pain now because I can say that if anyone has an issue with any of my plugins use the service link, that way i can support my products - been doing this since day one but bubble have since stopped me doing this. So now for example, my google analytics plugin that uses a methods and has fetures that google are unable to help with has been changed to have google analytics as the service link… for the most part its preferred to have people use the forum im just trying to get in early with Documental as we have alot in store for it and are planning to open it up to the world outside of bubble. Im glad the issue has gone now though.


After messing around with Select PDF I have just managed to get documental to save my file in my DB and download it in the browser!

The demo app was really helpful once i found it.

Thanks again!


Seems there are a lot of broken links here now. I just bought a subscription from documental and haven’t figured out how to implement it to create PDFs and .doc files with it. I have used Select PDF with no problem. This seems more complicated. Anyone have a link to an editor i can view so i can see how to set it up properly?


Seems to be ok for me, also you can find the demo at the top of the thread and here also.


When I try to view the editor this is what happens.


Me too, I give up with Documental. The quality is just too bad and there is not enough documentation. The best documentation i have seen was by @mebeingken. I at least got to see what it was like, but just a waste of money. Too bad though. Anyone else had any real good success with this? What helped with the quality issues? What size did you have your elements? Anyone else have success in other ways to create PDFs?


So it turns out that after I was making some changes yesterday I forgot to allow public access again. Although you clearly wont need it is once again available for those that do.


If we’re converting an element to pdf are there recommended dimensions to use? I can’t find a way to avoid squished or stretched. Thanks


Hi @jklabbatz you can try the Bubble Plugin SelectPDF I found the quality is much better and easier to implement. It does have it’s quirks but at the moment appears to be the best solution available.



Has anyone had problems with some actions of the plugin ? I’m thinking of using documental but I am having problems with the demo for “HTML to documents”, when I try it with the html of my app page (which contains no images) it just converts it to an empty doc… Any ideas ?

It is the only thing which is restraining me to purchase the plugin…

Thanks !


I think public access was restricted again. I am redirected to home when trying to access the editor.


Hi, i’m trying to take a screenshot of a specific part of this page and download it using Documental, but i’m not getting it right. Someone can help me please?