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Download CSV - pick data


Sorry, have updated.


I don’t understand there is no action in the button create report (workflow)…


Nor do I :frowning:


Sorry, was looking at the wrong page (this was created a year ago and we don’t do complex stuff like this now !).

If you look at any of the hidden groups, there are the buttons.

Some details in this post.


Hi, has anyone found a way to choose the order of the columns displaying field names?

[Solved] Column order in CSV export ....Again

@lise.nicolas did you ever figure out how to get the download to .csv field to show their names instead of unique IDs? I have the box checked on my workflow to refer to names instead of IDs and my primary data fields are all set to their names, so I’m not sure what I’m missing. Did you get it to work on your end?




@romanmg @NigelG @josh @emmanuel anyone have any idea how to accomplish this? I’m currently exporting to CSV but the dynamic fields only export the unique ID of the data, and it doesn’t appear possible to select a Field on the Data Type to choose. Essentially the CSV file is useless except for text fields.

I’m seeing the same thing on this topic as well: CSV Export help

Any ideas or am I missing something?


It’s been a while - anyone ever figure out how to export names for dynamic fields?