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Drag - Drop Reorder Your Repeating Group


I would like to know if there is a way to save the drag and drop reorder for a current user. Once user reorder the repeating group I would like to save it to the current user so that each user can save their own reorder. How can I do it ? If someone can help me, it would be fantastic, thanks a lot


@jd1 I’m doing this by setting up the Data Type (in the post’s example “Contact”) to have a Field to identify the user, like their email address. This also allows me to display the data only to that specific user. I’m still new to Bubble so there may be a better way but here’s what I did:

However you set that type up to receive data, for example a contact entering their contact info via Inputs, just make sure to create a workflow there that also assigns the Current User’s identifier (email address) to the new user field you created. Once that’s set up you’ll see the list of Data with a user tied to it in App Data.

Hope this helps! I’ve been getting tons of help from the forum and wanting to start giving back!


Hey Laurence.

I haven’t been here in a long time! This has been an interesting thread for a long time. Honestly, I solved this over a year ago and my version works just like you’d want paper cards resorting. No problems. Have you figured it out yet?

Yes Laurence, programming is tricky eh? Programmers are always banging their heads against the wall to figure out their bugs. However, the added spicy goodness of this Bubble puzzle is that you can never really tell whether it’s your error or a quirk of the Bubble platform. Usually it’s been a gap in my logic. However, I’ve spent significant time researching Bubble as my playground and confirmed that yes, there are quirky things due to the template layer. No one’s perfect right? But @emmanuel has done a GREAT job creating something HIGHLY useful for folks.

Bubble is my work space and playground.

Rock on Laurence.


LOLZ. (<-- Yes, Bubble forum, this is a complete sentence.)



You do you bro!

Keep it realz.





Did you get the help you were seeking? I didn’t quite understand @john9’s suggestion and wondered if it gave you what you needed.



I’ve been so caught up with other problems in my app and in Bubble that I haven’t gotten back to the drag-drop issue. It’s still very clunky in my app. Hopefully, I’ll get back to it in a few weeks.

I’m not unfamiliar with programming at all. I grew up with IBM mainframes, Basic Assembler Language, COBOL, and through to Microsoft Active Server Pages. I’ve never experienced an unstable development environment like Bubble. If it worked, it could be great. Since it doesn’t, I really question whether I should move to some full-stack architecture.


:sweat_smile: Sorry I agree, not so clear. Basically just make sure to tie a User to the Data Type you’re trying to Drag/Drop. The original post adds a field called Order to the Data Type “Contact”, I also added a User field:


I haven’t tested this lately since I’m in the weeds in another place but I will soon and check back in to confirm it’s working.


Yup works as expected. I can mock up a quick demo if that would be helpful.


Hi @laurence,
Actually I didn’t try again and I let it down from now. But I will take a look as soon as I go back to this functionality.

Thanks @all for you help.


Please. It would be helpful.


Here you go:

Just run as user 1 and 2 and drag the groups around. You’ll see the changes are saved to the user you made the changes under.

Note that if you add in a Contact with the Inputs at the top it won’t auto assign an incremental Order automatically. Haven’t figured that one out yet. If anyone wants to show how that works (@mebeingken? I bug this guy all the time :grimacing:) feel free to edit since this is totally an example app.


Added the functionality to insert a contact to the top of the order list when created.


Thanks! So it’ll be creating negative Order values. Is that better than using addition in the workflow?


Negative or positive, its just an integer so can be part of the order process. Just a quick example that works for this demo. Not sure what you mean by “better than addition in the workflow” though.


Sounds good. Was just wondering if there was a reason to make the order numbers negative vs positive but you answered. Thanks again.


Hey Laurence.

The only thing that Bubble offers to experienced folks is speed of development. It’s clunky in places, yet it usually gets the job done very quickly.


Thank you so much.
I made some modifications in the workflow to get a reordering of the whole list of items.
(In my example I deal with Steps, not Contacts)



I just published a Free template with a functional Drag and Drop Re-Ordering List and instructions to put it into your own app.

Get it here :point_down:


OMG thank you Santa!! :pray: