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Dynamic Height and Width of Bubble Elements - New Plugin from Zeroqode

We have just published a new plugin - Dynamic Height and Width of Bubble Elements.
This plugin would allow you to dynamically change any element’s height/width depending on the viewport or page size.
In case you choose the “keep proportion” option please make sure the element that you apply it to has “fixed width” enabled, otherwise the responsive settings might conflict with the plugin width adjustment.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit

If you have questions about this plugin or need any help, please reach out at

For instructions how to set the ID attribute to a Bubble element please visit this ID attribute guide:

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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If I use this plugin to control say a Group acting as the hero section of my website, when the viewport/page size changes will the elements inside this Group stay centered as well, example “call to action” button etc…?


they should, but the best is to try, and if something doesn’t work as expected we can look into it and try to fix it promptly

Hey @levon, can I transfer this plugin between different apps? I would like to use/test it in a test app and then move it over to my live app once I get a solid understanding of how it works.


Hey Brett,
i don’t think it’s possible but you can subscribe to the monthly option on the test app, use it as long as you need ( you will be charged for the actual number of days used not the full month), then uninstall it and buy with a one time payment on the live app.
hope this helps

Perfect, thanks I will do that.

Just subscribed to the plugin which works great. Only issue im encountering is when I create say a hero section for example using 100% height of viewport, I would like to keep the CTA button centered within that hero/group containing the dynamic height plugin settings keeping the CTA button centered as the viewport height shrinks from desktop to mobile. This doesn’t seem to be possible with current plugin unless I am missing something on my end.

right, the centering option is part of the responsive settings of Bubble while our plugin interferes with that by forcing certain height and width. However we have another plugin that can change the position of any element, if you can calculate the exact x,y position of where the button has to be then you can manipulate that :slight_smile:

Hi @levon ,

Does this work for dynamic height/width based on user input stored in data field? I’m building a Canva style app, and the user can choose dimensions or enter them. Then we have a ‘canvas’ group element that needs dynamic height/width based on those variables - does this do that?

Hi Reece, i think for that you can use this plugin

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