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Dynamic home page with pure Bubble!


As mentioned in this thread, following are a couple ways to implement a home (index) page that can display dynamic content without using the URL path or a plugin.

Basically, by using either “#” or “?” and manually parsing the URL, there is no 404 and no redirect…

(Do not confuse the “sudsy” name of the above app with my “sudsy-demo” app, which showcases the Sudsy Page plugin. The above app does NOT use the plugin.)

And here it is in edit mode…

It’s important to understand the behavior and SEO implications of the “page fragment” (hash symbol) technique. Google does NOT consider different fragments as distinct resources, which means the unique content generated based on the fragment will not be indexed as a separate “page”.

That’s also why changing only the URL fragment (such as linking to a different fragment on the same page) won’t even show the new content without explicitly reloading the page. (…although the Sudsy Page plugin gets around this, which is pretty sweet.)

This could, of course, be used on any Bubble page. It’s just not as “clean” as using path params.

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When sending additional path params, the “?” is used to initiate the path parameters section, is it not? So the “?” method would prevent any additional parameters from being read?


Correct. This is a specialized approach to address a very specific need. It’s not compatible with Bubble’s built-in query string support. It’s intended SOLELY to enable retrieving detail for a specific entity on the homepage - and that’s it.

(I think you mean query (URL) params, BTW.)


Thanks! query params. Yer the man, man!