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Dynamically stretched element height. Possible?


Hi! I have Trello-like lists which accept cards drop. The problem is I need a drop area to be dynamically stretched once I have more cards in the list (Repeater group).

I’ve tried a lot of workarounds, but can’t figure out how to change element’s height dynamically.

Here’s how it looks like. When the list is empty, there’s no problem. The drop area (red) is just perfect:

But once I have more cards in the list, it stays up there, so a user can’t just drop a card anywhere in the list. I want this red area to be dynamically stretched:


Solved. You just have to put a repeating group not just visually inside, but also make it a child of a DropArea in the elements tree (wow, I though only a group can have child elements). A parent element always tend to stretch itself when it’s content is stretched.


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