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Edit the code on my website (Google Conversion)


I need to add some html code in my website. How can I access the code?


You can add HTML two ways:

Place a HTML element on your canvas in the Bubble page editor and insert your code


Go to Editor -> Settings page -> SEO / metatags tab -> “Script / meta-tags in header” + “Script in the body” input boxes (depending on where your HTML needs to end up, in header or in body)

The way I decide on where to place code: if you need dynamic data to be held within the HTML, or require embed code that will be seen by visitors, place a HTML element on the page itself. If no dynamic data is required and you don’t want the HTML to be visible in a particular area of a page, you should place the HTML in one of the two boxes on the SEO / metatags settings area.


Thank you!! I was trying to figure out where to plug my Google Conversion Codes