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Email campaign automation



I was wondering whether anyone has used Bubble to create an email automation system?

I’m the marketing manager at Promotional Space, we use Pipedrive as our CRM and I’m looking at connecting Pipedrive to Drip to send out automated emails, but even with Zapier I’m not sure I’m able to access the right triggers to send the emails.

I’d like to send out emails based on a particular day and would be interested to hear whether anyone has used Bubble to pull in data from Pipedrive and then send out automated emails?


Marco - Built on Bubble


Hi Marco,

You can connect to Drip directly with the API connector as they have a full REST API available:

Looks like Pipedrive also has a pretty good API, though I’ve never worked with it.

I’ve actually helped get this integrated into another app before, so you are indeed able to trigger email campaigns. Reach out if you need help with this and we can take a look at making the two work together without Zapier as the middleman.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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Thanks Gaby, will be in touch if we go the Bubble route.


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Hey @romanmg I found this 2 year old thread (wahoo the power of searching the forums!)

I wanted to ask regarding Drip, you said with the API Connector we are able to take advantage of all of Drip’s features?

Have you implemented this before?


Hi @jcalvarezjr,

I haven’t worked with Drip specifically, but the API looks very standard and I’d be quite comfortable helping you with it. I’ve worked with a ton of APIs, so if you are interested in walking through a custom Drip integration, please feel free to book a coaching session. I record all sessions for you to have as a reference for later as well!

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