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End of Tinder Pile


Hello again community! :slight_smile:

All I’m trying to do is hide the Tinder Pile when there are no users left.
So basically after swiping through the whole pile: I assume that then either “tinder pile’s current slide” is empty, or at least “tinder pile” “isn’t visible”
So the conditions I tried were:

  1. “hide Tinder Pile Group”, when Tinder pile “isn’t visible”
  2. Tinder pile’s current slide is empty.

But either way it always hides the pile from the beginning, even when there in fact are still some people in the pile (No matter whether I choose ‘empty’ or ‘not empty’. I also tried being more specific like “when current tinder pile’s slide’s first name is empty” but that just yielded the same result.

Any help, please?


Step-by-step instructions:

  • swipe through all tinder pile cards until the pile is empty
  • you get all the details still showing (interests, distance, etc.)
  • you can’t see the card behind saying “no one new around”


I built a work around. If the plugin developer could build in an “empty” vs “not empty” option, that would be awesome!

I count the users and save it in a state and everytime I swipe a card away the count goes down. Then “When count = 0” I can easily hide or show elemnts based off that.

Hope that helps someone. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I was facing the same problem but I had to use a workaround of custom states.