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Error Handling in API Workflows


Can go part of the way there with the server-side scripts, a small prototype on this page:


While this hasn’t been updated, my solution has been to use external endpoints (can be AWS lambda or whatever you’re comfortable with, I’m using Python/Flask). These endpoints make the error prone calls, do error handling, and pass data back to bubble.

Though setting the endpoints up might be slightly annoying at first. I like the flexibility it provides with handling requests and dealing with things like nested fields. It also has the added benefit of letting you use SDKs and external libraries, which tends to make processes less stressful.


Bumping this thread - and @gevestobs same… I’ve been constructing Express/Node servers to handle endpoints. Agreed with your point - it does allow for flexibility, although 1) its tricky to use these combined with bubble workflows (ie., if there’s an error, don’t create this item!)… and 2) it’s beyond the ability of your average bubble no code user and against the ‘no code’ ethos of Bubble. Overall, frustrating.