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Experience with Jasonette


Hey guys,

Was wondering how many of you have tried to turn your app into a native app using Jasonette? Looking to create a native app out of one of my sites, and I just came across it, and it looks intriguing.

I know we have a few topics mentioning it here, but all are well over a year old, and there has been a lot updated since then.

Keen to hear any experiences around it, difficulty, time it took, restrictions and how well the finished product functions as a proper app.

How does it compare to the likes of Dropsource if you’ve used that, too?


One key difference between Jasonette and Dropsource is the lack of a visual editor. You’re not really “coding,” as it’s just editing JSON files, but you’ll be doing that by hand instead of using a visual editor like what Bubble has.

I tinkered with Jasonette a bit, but never got to a production-level app with it. I found myself looking for other opportunities after a couple weeks. I think the tech is cool, but I’m really trying to be focused on what a total “no-code” stack can look like for non-technical founders, and Jasonette wasn’t that.


Cool! What did you end up using instead? Dropsource?


I haven’t had a mobile app go to production yet, so I wouldn’t say I’ve used anything. I’ve played with Dropsource, Kinetise, and Supernova Studio, but haven’t taken any solution to a production release.


Updating my own thread here!

The guys who have taken over Jasonette, now called Jasonelle have just added a new (beta) feature that will convert JSX files (React Native) into Jasonette. This means you could use something such as BuilderX which exports React Native from a drag and drop into Jasonette for an almost code free native app. Nowhere near as easy as Bubble, but it’s probably the closest thing there is to a code-free native iOS or Android app right now that’s not Dropsource ($999!).


Hi @harrytuckerr

Is there a way I can convert an existing web app build in to jasonette, without building it from scratch?



Not direct. There’s no way to just simply convert it. You can kind of do the logic just copy and paste though - if you turn all your workflows into an API endpoint and you do all your logic straight off Bubble and just JSON the front end which is what I’ve done.

Creating JSON markup is really easy though. Don’t get turned off because it’s written in a code editor, it’s very logical and easy to understand once you spend a couple hours learning.


I’m working on a visual node graph editor for creating Jasonette apps, built on bubble