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Extend Bubble Environment via Faceless Plugin?


I’d like to create a plugin which does nothing more than make certain information available when each page loads. Ideally, the data would be available site-wide on every page without requiring any user action. In a sense, it would “extend” the Bubble environment with a bit of info that could be accessed by elements and workflows. Is something like that possible with a plugin?

As far as I can tell, the only way to do it - even though there’s no visual component - would require the user to add a custom element to each page (or add it to a reusable element which resides on each page) and then create a state to store the data exposed by the plugin.

Am I overlooking some way of creating a plugin having no UI?


Yep that’s how. Guarav has something similar with his environment variables plug in.

On client-side anything that exposes a state has an element even if that element has no visual properties. See my Browser Timezone and Locale plug-in as a very simple example, or JavaScript to Bubble (from Toolbox) as a complex example.