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FB Login Implementation in 2019


Hi guys!

This is a step-by-step guide for those you try to implement FB Login in 2019. I lost pretty much time on figuring it out, so it would be cool if my recommendations help someone to save it.

I assume that you have already installed your FB plugin. First, in order to get APP ID/ API Key and Secret Key, you should go to and create a new app.

Second, you should enter your full website address as a site URL. Note, it is important to add https:// before it as it is done below. I entered the same full address as App Domain at the screenshot above.

Third, go to FB Plugin Page on Bubble. You can find a generic redirect URL there. This is an example : oauth_redirect

Fourth, take it and paste on Facebook for Developers page under the section FB Login (Settings) as a Valid OAuth Redirect URI.

Hope that it helps you as it worked for me:crossed_fingers:


Does this work on the bubble test server or I have to be on the live server? Beacuse I keep getting an error.
URL Blocked: This redirect failed beacuse the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings.

BUt I do have the URL in the settings


Hi, I have tested it on the live server only.


hi thanks i got it to work. What about the login with instagram. I am getting an error with it. Have u tried that?


Hi, I have not had a use case for this yet:wink: