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Feature Request - Ability To Set/Add Dynamically Created Pages To XML Sitemap


None of the pages that are on a page with a specific Thing type are being indexed inside of Google it seems.

It would be good to be able to:

  1. Set/select a readable URL format that creates a path to that page…

  2. Set/select that page url to be included in the xml sitemap on Bubble…

This way it will ensure that people and search engines locate that page/url and scan it.



I wouldn’t say the dynamic pages are not being indexed at all (This is not true and I have many dynamic pages indexed), but being able to add them to the XML sitemap will definitely make it easier to be indexed.

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We are very much in need of this feature too!

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Can we get an update on this @Bubble?

None of the dynamically created pages are displaying inside of Google search or sitemap.


Further to this:

I’ve created a field inside of the database using an API workflow that takes the dynamic page “readable url” and first appends the[READABLEURL] and saves it to the database.

Can we please get a feature that will allow a field/table in the database to be ‘added’ to the existing XML sitemap?

This way all of the formatted url’s inside of the database can be added to the xml sitemap provided by Bubble. @Bubble


We’ve put this on the list of things to do. It’s a fairly large project, so it isn’t something that will get implemented soon.


This is important for us also! It seems like it could naturally hook in so that you can add a page to the sitemap, which then adds one sitemap entry for each thing in the DB for that page

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Really, really need this for a huge dynamic site :pray: