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Feature Request: Send Meeting Request - Expose additional properties


Is it possible to expose the SEQUENCE, UID, METHOD, ORGANIZER and STATUS properties on the Send Meeting Request action? This would allow us to send cancellations and updates for a particular meeting request. Thanks…from a longtime bubble user…


That would be cool! I would love to see that work. :slight_smile: I hope someone has a solution.


Would be great!


@neerja I know you guys are busy. If this is not something you can get to quickly, how much would it cost to sponsor this request. Seems pretty simple. The meeting request functionality is really incomplete without the ability to update/cancel meetings. Thanks in advance…dh


@donaldlh Our engineering team is reviewing this request. We will get back shortly.


Here is what we use behind the scenes.

I don’t think it exposes what you’re looking for does it?


Off topic, but:Does this imply that this library would be available in server-side plugin development?


We’re building a generic way to let plugin developers pick npm libraries and use them, so it won’t come with a set of libraries, you’ll be able to add any library. This should be live in a few days / couple of weeks.


Thanks for the response, @emmanuel. Very much looking forward to that capability (in fact, since everything I do custom code-wise pretty much involves a library, I’ve not really gotten going with attempts at server-side plugin development).


It looks like those properties are available in the base.js


Thanks again…and please let me know. This is an important feature for an app I’m building but I’m sure others will like it as well…dh


Is this something that you think can be done? It looks like icalendar supports these properties. Thanks in advance…dh


The API doesn’t support this out of the box quite yet, so it’s not a super quick fix on our end. We’re working on adding npm modules to plugins, that would do it.

Give us a few days and it’ll be live.


@donaldlh @keith Support for node modules is now live! Have at it, and let me know what you think.


Oh man! Awesome. I noodled around with my first server-side plugin yesterday so the timing here is perfecto, @marca. #psyched