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Feedback on my first app


I’ve spent about 1 hour watching the tutorials and about 6 hours actively working on my app.
I’d love to get feedback on it:

Objective: I want to track my runs against a goal to run 1000km during the year.
I thought I would make it so that anyone could join up.

Specific feedback I would like to see are:

  • Responsiveness - this is a tricky one for me to get my head around so any tips here would be great.
  • Security - how do I protect the data properly? Mostly I want to make sure that I do not expose images or email addresses
  • General comments

I’ve had fun trying out bubble over the last day or so and want to make a few more personal projects to understand it more


I would center everything in the home page.


Great job on your first app. Isn’t bubble great! I know what helped me is by looking at some of the free templates. It helped me get a bit of design advise. Also looking at other websites that I use regularly or that I think have a good design. Try copying a website, it’s a great way to practice.