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File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode


The Uploadcare file sizes (list) is not spitting out any data


oh, my bad, we’ll check it out


this also looks fine to us


hmm i dont get anything from the file size


Hi there.

Would it be possible set it up in a way where the user can’t individually select the files to upload? I’m building an app and would like them to upload their last 200 photos from instagram or facebook, for example.



so you mean the plugin would automatically choose last 200 photos from instagram or facebook?


This is not doable via Uploadcare.


Not necessarily, but when they sign in with their Facebook/instagram credentials, it would download (or pre select) all of their Instagram/Facebook photos without having to select them individually.


as @dmitry-mukhin from Uploadcare said it doesn’t seem possible at the moment


Hi @levon , I’m using your plugin and I would like to understand if you can add the “video encoding” functions from Uploadcare.
Mainly I’m interested in Video Transformations “resize” and “adjust quality”

Thanks a lot,


hi Alessandro, we’ll check that and if it’s possible we’ll add it.


Hello, we have updated the plugin with the following improvementS:

  • Added new state: Output processed video
  • New action: Process Video
  • Added ability to choose video quality (normal,better,best,lighter ,lightest )

To give it a try please upgrade to plugin’s latest version and refresh the browser


Hi @levon

I’m having difficulty enabling cropping and aspect restrictions when opening an upload dialog via a workflow. Other settings seem to take, but cropping does not. Cropping works fine when executing an upload directly from the widget button.


Hi @jon2
we have fixed this, please upgrade to plugin’s latest version, refresh the editor and give it another try


thanks! that fixed it.

Would it be possible to allow the widget to operate inside a repeating group? As it stands, it acts as a single instance across the entire repeating group.


edit:just to be clear this is even when it is placed inside the group


we’ll try


Thanks for giving it a shot @levon ! Super responsive as always!


Hey @levon

This has changed…


To this…


Which has broken a load of actions because of a spelling difference between the actions, can you guys fix that? It’s caused me a couple of issues already :slight_smile:


Notice the word “From” and “Frome”


If it plans to stay like this then that’s fine, I just wanted to know because I need to do a few replacements in Live.

Many thanks!


sorry about that, we’ll take a look