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File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode


I think what I’m missing in the uploadcare element that you put on your bubble page are fields for these settings:

UPLOADCARE_TABS = ‘file camera’;


You can write your own. The API will provide you with the progress and you may use at as you like, e.g. add :fire: emojis to your HTML :slight_smile:


? Are these not set in the plug-in do we actually have to add extra code for the page header


I can’t say anything about the plugin, unfortunately. If it doesn’t expose some settings to Bubble UI, you can use custom HTML/JS to add any missing settings.

There are quite a few and we’re adding more from time to time. It’s hard to expect a plugin to have UI for everything.
This is our own attempt on widget configurator.


Make sure you don’t have imagesOnly set to true.


We will update the plugin so you don’t have to add extra code. Only configure parameters in the plugin


Good to see the settings will be coming over in the plugin directly. However, the video capture option is still not available.

These is the code I use in my header:


But no video prompt. Ill try another device as well.


uploaded a screenshot :slight_smile:


i that Android?

I just tested on another mobile device but no luck.


this is android, maybe we should move to our support channel to reduce noise here?


Stay here guys, this will be a good knowledge base for others who want to implement the plugin :slight_smile:


I already sent an email with more explanation. Basically, I have the Ziggeo and Uploadcare elements on the same page.

Ziggeo will allow me to select camcorder, but Uploadcare doesn’t.


Its most likely an issue with the plugin. If I go to my dashboard and test the widget there I can record a video.


I see what you mean. My best guess is that it’s a plugin issue. I’ll dig a bit further tomorrow.
Please check that on your devices everything works as expected on our pages (configurator or file manager in your Uploadcare dashboard.)


Is it possible to restrict the choices somebody has so they only choice is to record video, instead of dropbox etc. Also I’m not seeing the option to record video, only take a picture (on Chrome on OSX).


Yes, but currently you need to put the script in the header:


Here you can add them, better to go to the dashboard and setup the options there. Then the code you can copy paste in the browser so it only shows what you selected to show.

For a paid plugin, I hope it will be implemented all soon in the plugin itself.


yes, we are working to update the plugin so that these settings are controlled from the plugin itself without having to copy/paste code

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We have updated the plugin, now. You can choose the file upload options right from the plugin settings. We have also added multiple plugin states that return upload status and percentage, file ID, file url, error message. You can chose the widget language.
Please note that in order to capture video you need to add a credit card to your uploadcare account. Let us know in case questions or bugs. And make sure your upgrade the plugin version and reload the app if you have installed the plugin already.


Levon is there any way to remove the “Take A Photo” option and only leave “Record A Video” or does
the plugin do that already?


@levon would be possible to get screenshot of the plug-in config options and also is it too much trouble to ask if your demo could be updated so there is some form of indicator in regards to progress?

Also… Unrelated to the plug-in I believe but do you know via the uploadcare api which I presume we can call because your plug-in returns the ID… Is it possible to get specifically for media both video and audio length… I’ve checked their website and although it shows the JSON for various media doesn’t clearly show what information is returned for video and audio unless I’m missing something. That is swift updating by the way


not sure about this, maybe through limiting file types. We will add the file type configuration later and will check if it allows blocking tak a photo option


I added the screenshots in the very first message of this thread and updated the demo, you should see the latest plugin version in action now.

Uploadcare API doesn’t return the lenght of the audio and video files, only the size (bytes)

Hope this helps