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File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Uploadcare API does not have this info (yet).


Great stuff.

I now see the record video on Android too. Unfortunately, there is still no way to record video inside the Android webview.

@dmitry-mukhin Are you aware of this and do you know of a workaround?

I guess this is an issue that has nothing to do with the plugin. It works on mobile browser.


As for the WebView, make sure that it has the permissions to access local FS or capture device.
Good check if it’s something with Uploadcare JS lib or not it to add simple

<input type="file" />

and see how it behaves.


yeah unfortunately, that is all setup correctly.


@levon @dmitry-mukhin thanks both…

@levon much improved demo example and great to see the %…cheers for the screenshots too


I have been testing with this for a bit now and the experience is pretty solid. However, as a Ziggeo replacement (basically meaning >50mb file storage) I’m not so convinced it is a (much) better solution.

We are currently on a $99 plan from Ziggeo which has no file size limit, but does have variable per minute cost that I never really figured out and don’t really like.

However, the Uploadcare free plan allows for only 10mb file size. So in the first place you need a paid plan, starting at $25. However, this will ‘only’ give you a 100mb file size. Here there are also flexible limits, but no explanation about the extra cost if you go over.

My users are uploading videos,they can easily range from 100 - 500mb a video. This means we would need the ‘Startup’ plan, starting at $125 a month. Add the plugin fee $7 and we total $132.

Now we need a way to play the videos as well. You could add something custom using an html element, but if you want a nice Bubble UX you would have to pay another $7 for the Zerqode video player. Now we pay $139 a month.

All in all, Uploadcare+Zeroqode as a solution for ‘video capture’ is not cheap. As a solution for being able to upload large files of any kind, it could be OK but be aware that you will most likely need the $125 plan.

Unless Uploadcare compresses the video in way that we can keep most file sizes below 100mb (our videos do not need to be of high quality), I think we need to stick with Ziggeo.


you can push the uploaded ziggeo vids to your own storage…check in the ziggeo backend. then there are no costs associated when viewed


I like that uploadcare is so incredibly cheap but (correct me if I’m wrong) it doesnt
have a flash fallback, which means if someone is using internet explorer or older
versions of safari it cant record video at (no webrtc support). Id suggest cameratag
as the best ziggeo replacement


These are good points Vincent. I’ve discussed with guys from Uploadcare and they would be ready to consider creating a custom plan just for Bubble users. Let’s all share the use cases, requirements and some estimates (like average file size, number of downloads, number of users etc.) so they can make a special offer for the community!

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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I’ll let @dmitry-mukhin answer that



Ok so its about 87% supported. Thats pretty good actually. Just not for products targeted at older people who may not have updated their browsers recently.

BTW, is it possible to remove the “Take A Picture” setting so only recording a video is an option?


If they do that it would be super helpful to remove uploadcare branding on the widget for the Bubble plan. $375 seems steep to be able to do that.


I am having a problem where when i put the button inside a group, the entire app seizes and the browser becomes un-responsive until chrome says there is not enough memory, then it can be refreshed. If it is not in a group, it works fine.

I am confused about the many files option… i do not get a list output when i select this i just get nothing… but i do get the file output if i dont have the many option enabled. Am i doing something wrong here?


Hey Ryan,
we’ll check this out and update here


Hey All,
we’ve deployed some updates to the plugin

  1. ability to enable preview of the uploaded file
  2. option to block the photo capture (leaving only video for example)
  3. option to enable/disable video recording.

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


Bubble Templates
Bubble Plugins
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Can’t seem to find this in the screenshots or plugin page, but I was wondering if the plugin includes the image processing capabilities of Uploadcare? Like adding watermarks?


thanks i have been trying to figure out what is causing the memory issue… my CPU and fans goes into crazy mode too… i cant seem to get it into any kind of group without an issue. I tried rolling it back to v3 but same issue. Not sure what to do about that. Hope you guys can solve it :grinning:


we didn’t add this by default, but can consider doing so if there is a need


Yeah, watermarking images is a crucial part of an app I’m working on. Wrote a script to handle it, but having it on the bubble platform would save time and would help justify the cost of uploadcare and the plugin for me at least.