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File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode


We’ll consider this, thanks!
Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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2 Questions:

1 @levon I’d dropped a note on your forum…The button styling seems to be a challenge…it wont conform to the styling applied…it nearly does and on Mobile (IOS) the text is right justified!
I would assume it not a great leap to show the dialog on an action so any button could be used. The right justification on Mobile is an issue. Unless its something on my side…added to blank page …same result. @vincent56 have you seen this?

@dmitry-mukhin I’m adding the relevant code into the header of my page to preclude/restrict certain file types…using the correct MIME…this works on Windows but on Mac the actual MIME type “application/pdf” is shown Vs the File type…meaning the user cannot select any file…including in this case a pdf. Also dragging a file in uploads regardless…i can fix this with regex but only after upload. is this the way it is?

Example Header

UPLOADCARE_PUBLIC_KEY = “bubbleboypublickey”;
UPLOADCARE_INPUT_ACCEPT_TYPES = “application/pdf,image/png”;
dialog: {
tabs: {
file: {
drag: ‘This uploader accepts only PDF files’


sorry, i uninstalled the plugin as it currently doesn’t make much sense to implement. Product looks solid, but just too expensive a solution for us.


Vincent, I mentioned before that guys from Uploadcare could come up with a special plan if you could give some inputs regarding the target monthly payment, number of file uploads, type of files, their sizes etc. This would help them to work out a custom solution.


Oh sure, I understood that you wanted to gauge the community for that and I thought I had already given my 2 cents.

For my use case, you take $14 of the pie but that leaves about $126 which is still $26 more expensive than Ziggeo.

My use case is very simple: my users upload videos (could be pretty large) and the videos are only viewed 2-3 times maximum. After that, we don’t need them, but we could store them if needed.


we’ve just pushed an update to the plugin

  1. open file upload dialog from a workflow
  2. image processing workflow actions
  3. option to change dialog box headline

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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Thanks that’s solved the button style issue. Adding the file restriction was a nice touch as well as the dialog text verbiage.

A general comment for anyone who might find it useful…in addition to all the benefits uploadcare provides…after several days of testing…ive noticed a pretty consistentdecrease in the “time in process” to upload a large file…uploading to bubble aws storage takes on average 10 - 15% longer… makes a difference for my app as file uploads are pretty central…well it is for me and those testers who are using the app… just sayin.


The snippet should work, we couldn’t reproduce this. What browser are you using on Mac?
Let me suggest to continue this via official support channels (it’s quicker).

As for drag’n’drop, this is expected behaviour. The setting gives browsers a hint on what choice to give a user in file selection dialog. This doesn’t work for dnd.
If you need to restrict files to specific MIME types, you can use this hinting together with file validation.


@levon, im not wishing to be moving the goal posts and thanks for the update…all goodness.

Ive tried adding the tab order in the header but im pretty sure the plugin is over-riding my additions to the header although im pretty sure it should’nt

anyway adding these places dropbox first in the download tab order

UPLOADCARE_TABS = ‘file dropbox skydrive box’;

@dmitry-mukhin thanks for the reply to my note… i needed to check with you before posting the note to levon

@levon is there any comment on this request re tab order…thanks


Hey guys, just added this plugin and I can’t click the button at all when using an iPhone, wasn’t sure if this info was relevant or not. It clicked a couple of times when I was playing around but then my app just crashed. Thought I’d let you know anyway. Oh… update… when I create a new button and then a workflow which does “open dialog window for…” then it works :slight_smile:


we will check that but yes, meanwhile you could just use the open dialog workflow :slight_smile:


Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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@levon is there any comment on this request re tab order…thanks


sorry Tim, but i didn’t realize it was a request :slight_smile: So what would you like us to add?


@levon Please! there is no need to apologise… I should have been more explicit but I was trying to not be demanding. i know this is in the weeds… More of a humble request really.

Uploadcare provides as part of the parameters you can set its widget…wrapped up in your plugin the ability to set the order of the tabs …localfile, dropbox, box, etc etc etc

their code looks like this:

UPLOADCARE_TABS = ‘file dropbox skydrive box’

Your plugin does not expose this so i added the correctly formatted code (checked this in good old plain html) but the ordering will not apply… Dropbox "in my case is listed first followed by local file and so on) when using your plugin…

My Users by their nature are a gnarly bunch… And I’m getting hit with “I don’t have dropbox” because they can’t look beyond the end of thier nose and realise there are other tabs and there is a tab to obviously upload for a local file.

So my request is this. Can you expose the tab order in the plug-in… I would assume not oversimplifying that this should be something that can be exposed relatively easily if not is there way to disable what seems to be the plugin code thwarting my ability to provide headers to set the tab order


Sure, we’ll try to add this and I will let you know when it’s done.


thank you


Good idea. Is there a way to delete a file which might have been uploaded @levon?
I wondered if that was at all possible with a workflow if the URL’s were saved. Great work by the way!

Oh just thought of another thing…

Is it possible that you might put a limit on the number of files which can be uploaded at one time into the plug-in when you check the Tick Box for “Many Files”? so we could perhaps set a “max number of files to upload” when this option is enabled rather than allowing for an infinite number in one hit.


Deleting files is not currently implemented, but theoretically we can implement almost anything that is listed in the Uploadcare docs -


Yeh it would be great if we could. A very useful feature it would be to have and influence more people to use the plugin.


add the api connector



Content-Type application/json

Authorization Uploadcare.Simple blahhh