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File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Hey Paul,
Could you make this a public post so one of my colleagues could reply and others would benefit from the knowledge?


I’d love to, How do I do that?


what I meant is just to copy/past the question to a public post :slight_smile:


Hmmm, was the many files/file restriction issue fixed? I seem to be running into the issue where file restrictions are ignored even without the many files option clicked.


i think we fixed all the issues with this plugin, but if you are running into issues, please post some screenshots so we could troubleshoot


Was having issues with an existing uploadcare element, so I just added a completely new uploadcare element on the page, no conditionals or anything like that.

Just tested the new uploadcare element with the .zip extension but it still let different files through. Tried it with other extensions like .jpg and .png but still had the same problem. Also tried it in different browsers, no difference.

However, when I check the ‘images only’ box, it does restrict the file type to only images.

If someone else could test it out to see if there’s an issue, it would help to make sure it isn’t an isolated incident.



I experience the same problem with any browser through Windows as it opens up the standard Open File Dialog and the File Type option doesn’t seem to be restricted to the extension put into the field through the plugin.

For me, it’s not too much of a problem but @levon these screenshots may help…

With these options selected:

Will show this and all Images are filtered correctly.

With these options selected:

Will show this and all Videos are filtered correctly.

Note: I don’t use the ‘Many Files’ option in this particular area but that works as expected anyway.

When I try the same settings as what @gevestobs have, you get this:

Doesn’t matter what file extension we put in the ‘File extensions’ field, they don’t pull through, maybe when you guys did the update to the plugin which enabled the Images/Videos to filter, broke this?

Thought this may help.


thanks for reporting this @gevestobs and @pork1977gm, we’ll try to find a solution and update once it’s done


Thanks for helping me confirm this!


No probs :slight_smile:


we have just published a fix to the bug with restricting file extensions


Thanks for fixing the bug. I have a slight feature request. I was going through Uploadcare’s docs and saw that they allow for file validation. Since users are going to be uploading to the platform, would it be possible to allow the option to specify max-file-size. I think it would be very useful in preventing users from uploading significantly huge file sizes that could introduce problems with storage and processing.

I’ve been trying to implement it on my end (html and all that), but without access to the plugin’s code, it doesn’t work.

Thank you.


why not just add a step in work workflow…if the returned uploaded bytes is > x do whatever


That’s currently what I have in place, but the file is still stored in the storage anyway, even if I don’t do anything with it. (Uploadcare has a set traffic limit per month depending on your plan).

The file validation should prevent the file from even being uploaded.


hmmm maybe … i always understood the file size was only available on like you i handle stuff this way…im on a paid plan… my wf:

user uploads
if the file > x
tell the user… thats too large little fella or whatever
then i simply delete the file in uploadcare

key for me is telling the user…

i have a feeling if you hit the limit in uploadcare… im not sure you get a call back.

just saying


We’ll check if it’s easy then we’ll implement it, i’ll update here


This is not correct.

Uploadcare widget file validation works differently for local and remote file uploads. Also, some validations can only be asserted only after the file is uploaded. So, you should remove “rejected” file if it was uploaded already. Or, don’t use autostore feature and store “good” files explicitly via API.


Alright, that makes sense. Will switch over to this process then. Thank you very much!


Ohh that’s good to know. I guess I misunderstood how much info can be derived from a file before upload. Thank you very much for the clarification. Will implement this alongside the method @Bubbleboy suggested!


@gevestobs we have implemented the option to restrict the file uploads greater than certain size, please install the newest plugin version, refresh the editor and give it a try