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File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Thanks for the swift response!


Hey i just got this message form UC

Hey there!

We just released Document Conversion so you can convert all those old-school docx and spreadsheets to PDF or JPG and view them in a browser.
The feature works via our REST API; you can learn more here. I wanted to share it with you before the official announcement to get feedback.

Would it be useful for your product or some pet project? Just reply to this email to let me know.

-Igor, CEO Uploadcare


Whats the chance this feature / api call can be included? I would LOVE to be able to generate screen shots of docs and stuff that are uploaded :slight_smile:


we’ve added this to the backlog @ryan8 but perhaps won’t be very soon as we have quite some things to finish first.


Is there an easy way to use bubble file storage with uploadcare? I noticed that they support custom storage


their custom storage only works with AWS. But if you want to use AWS we have a plugin for that so you don’t have to pay to uploadcare.
check it out here:

it won’t be Bubble’s database because Bubble has a limit of 50MB per file upload


I do have a need to crop images so I don’t see any other way than use uploadcare. It would be nice if you could add cropping functionality to your picture uploaders


we’ll try to add the crop feature


Any ETA for cropping function? Ps. Does your Uploadcare integration have a support for dynamic aspect ratio (Example 6:4 or 4:4) and dynamic size when picture is cropped?


a few weeks,

not at the moment but we can add these if you point us to the right feature description in the uploadcare documentation so we don’t misunderstand each other.


About the Upload Care cropping it seems like it seems like it would be pretty easy fill these aspect ratio cropping features dynamically if you build it in.

I have a list of landscape and portrait picture aspect ratios that I would like to crop inside a widget.


input type=“hidden” role=“uploadcare-uploader” name=“my_file”
data-crop=“600x400 upscale, 1000x700 upscale, 2000x1000 upscale”
(my aspect ratio list is actually much longer (about 20))

I think Upload care automatically calculates aspect ratios based on upscale pixels but I’m not sure.

Maybe adding both Choosing from predefined aspect ratios & Fixed size with upscaling would be good just in case.


we’ll try to implement it


Thanks! Let me know when you are done


we have added this, please upgrade the plugin version and give it a try


Thanks, seems to work pretty good. I will play around with it in a next couple of days.

One more thing that cames to my mind is turning ON and OFF image effect one by one.

I guess it means checkboxes for these options data-effects="crop,rotate,mirror,flip,enhance,sharp,blur,grayscale,invert”



I played around a bit with this plugin but I wasn’t able to dynamically populate crop and aspect ratio from the custom state.

Also, I noticed that having more than one Uploadcare Widget on a same page creates issues. Cropping values are overwritten by another widget values.



Would it be possible to implement the ability to limit the number of files that can be uploaded. I see that it’s a feature in the Uploadcare docs so hopefully that helps.


we’ll check these @boostsalesgroup and @geve


we’ve just implemented this, please upgrade the plugin version, refresh the browser and give it another try


@boostsalesgroup can you show a screenshot of the custom state’s value? You can use bubble’s inspect feature from the debugger when you are previewing the app, we need to see what you have in that “Index’s Size’s Uploadcare Size”


Awesome, thank you very much. Just tested it and it works!