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File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode


@boostsalesgroup the page was hanging due to the plugin, we have fixed this and dynamic crop now works


this is also fixed by the way


Thanks, Is there a new version coming up. I’m not sure how long it takes to plugin update to come through. I’m using 1.19.0 and i’m still facing the same issue and page crashes.


@boostsalesgroup sometimes the updates do not get initialized properly, can you please try to uninstall the plugin entirely and then install again? also move the plugin element on the page 1 px back and forth.
Please let me know if the issue persists


I uninstalled it and moved around. It seems like that the plugin doesn’t work with a dynamic value yet. If value is not dynamic it work but with a dynamic value page crashes. I have sent you link to the editor as private message.


we have pushed a new version, please upgrade and try again


@boostsalesgroup we have added the image crop to our AWS file uploader


Sweet! Do you have a demo for this?


sure, we have updated this page: