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File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode


@boostsalesgroup the page was hanging due to the plugin, we have fixed this and dynamic crop now works


this is also fixed by the way


Thanks, Is there a new version coming up. I’m not sure how long it takes to plugin update to come through. I’m using 1.19.0 and i’m still facing the same issue and page crashes.


@boostsalesgroup sometimes the updates do not get initialized properly, can you please try to uninstall the plugin entirely and then install again? also move the plugin element on the page 1 px back and forth.
Please let me know if the issue persists


I uninstalled it and moved around. It seems like that the plugin doesn’t work with a dynamic value yet. If value is not dynamic it work but with a dynamic value page crashes. I have sent you link to the editor as private message.


we have pushed a new version, please upgrade and try again


@boostsalesgroup we have added the image crop to our AWS file uploader


Sweet! Do you have a demo for this?


sure, we have updated this page:


@levon is it possible to get the file sizes in a list, so i can keep track of how much data the user has uploaded


We’ll see if this is possible


@ryan8 this is done, please upgrade


Yes thank you so much!!!


@levon i just noticed tat the new file size list does not seem to generate any data? Could you take a look at that if possible :slight_smile: ?


when you upload one file it’s one custom state that returns the file size, if you upload multiple files then it’s a different custom state that returns the list


When using the new file sizes (list) there is no data coming out. Like it is just blank. Im pulling it just like the other list items, but there is not data


Hey Levon… did you by chance find out what was up with the missing data for that one list object? :slight_smile:


not yet, i’ll keep you posted


@ryan8 we’ve checked the plugin and it seems to work fine (See screenshot below and our demo page)
if the problem still persists for you, please share links or screenshots or anything that would help us debug this


Oh… that’s the wrong plugin mean the UploadCare file up loader