Floating groups at the back'


Why can’t floating groups be behind everything? So everything scrolls over them?


Hi @jaos.pcl :slight_smile: One workaround would be to put everything that’s on the page inside of a floating group (set to float: none). Then, use the “send to back” option on the other floating groups, to set it beneath the main page floating group. I think that will give a similar effect!


Thanks for that! :slight_smile:


@fayewatson This doesn’t work if I want to have other groups that actually floats at the front. Am I right? Thanks in advance.


@jaos.pcl It will work :slight_smile: If you have a floating group that is set to float nothing, and you’re not seeing other floating groups which should be in front of it, click on those floating groups and select “Arrange” --> “Bring to Front” (might take a few different Arrange actions to make sure everything is where it needs to be)


You can also have a floating group and then use Javascript to set it’s z-index to 0 so that it’s behind other objects on the page.


Thank you for your replies.

@fayewatson I did that yesterday but when I tried today, it worked! Thank you. :slight_smile:

@sridharan.s Don’t know how to use Javascript and I can’t code. Time to learn that I think. Thanks anyway.


You can find some js code on the forum or with google that’ll do the trick. It’s a simple 1-line script to change the z-index. Nothing complicated about it.


Thanks! I’ll check it out! :slight_smile:


are you able to share a link to view what you all are talking about? I’d like to see what it looks like “live”.




What is an example that you would use a floating group in the manner you described?


In my case, I have an image as my page background and a text. When the user scrolls, a group with other content will scroll over the text and the image. Similar to this site:


ahh. very cool! Thanks!