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Font Awesome 5 support


Any idea when Font Awesome 5 will be supported @emmanuel?


+1 for Font Awesome 5


@emmanuel just curious if this was planned at any point. Thanks in advance!


+1 for FA5


+1 here too!


+1 from me :slight_smile:


+1 here as well

Fontawesome 5 mebbe?
Font Awesome Version 5 Please!

+1 from me!


+1 from me too for native support.

I did manage to get it to work for my use case by adding the FA style sheet link to the header of my app in Settings->Seo/Metatags and it seems to work fine so far.

I can use the 5.2.0 icons like (air freshener was released in 5.2.0):
[fa]air-freshener fa-2x[/fa]
<i class="fas fa-air-freshener"></i>


Just out of interest, why don’t you guys consider downloading SVG icons from and simply pasting the code into HTML elements? I do that, actually I’ve saved them in a table so I make a call to the table initially (SPA app) to load them into hidden texts (acting as variables) and then simply refer to the variable in my icon HTMLs. But, now I wonder if I’m doing something that might have performance implications.


+1 Font Awesome PRO 5