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You will need to send the Data of the clicked item to a Group
(Example in Send Data to a Group video:

In the same workflow as displaying data you will also need to Show the Group that is getting the Data sent to it, and make sure this Group is Above the group holding the repeating group so that you can see it

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Hey @gf_wolfer, nice template!

One question - when building in mobile, you can only have one page, correct? So do you then go and remove the 404 and reset password pages from the app entirely and leave only the index?

Gonna tag @natedogg in here since I know he has some experience launching apps to mobile.

Many thanks!




you cant delete those pages, you can set a redirect on 404 page: go to whatever on page load.



Gotcha, thanks for the heads up!



I get the same behavior with the bottom menu (regardless of browser - tried chrome, safari, firefox).
It doesn’t show up until resize.
On mobile you can’t resize so it doesn’t show at all.

Only way I could make it appear as I wanted was to use “Both” instead of “Bottom”.

Is there some way to make it appear in the bottom?
All help and input welcome.



It seems I have the same issue. I just spent 20 minutes playing with it to try and figure it out and unfortunately I had no luck fixing it :frowning:

It seems to be some type of error in Bubble recognizing where the bottom of the Viewing Window is.

Will get back into this soon and find a solution

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