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🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker


Hey @Jici, the latest update has a reset action you can call in your workflows.


@seanhoots, Good to see your back at it. Sorry but in this case your incorrect, What your saying in the real world would in fact be true, but we live in bubble :slight_smile: the result of running my code:

Notice the value, bubble will in fact still consider this value as its actual value.

however running your code,

does not work, even if I was to amend it to,

var lilSuckersID = "Your-ID";
var placeholderHere = "Your-Placeholder";
document.getElementById(lilSuckersID).placeholder = placeholderHere;

or keeping it inline with your original,

document.getElementById(‘YOUR-ID’).placeholder = “Your-Placeholder”;


Hey @thefiend, unfortunately you can’t select multiple times for a single date. But since you can select multiple times one way of achieving this is to have a picker to select a single date and another picker to select multiple times.


Hey @jarrad, good to hear from you too. I’ve seen you’ve produced quite a good number of plugins. Good job. Hopefully you’re making some money for all your hard work.

Coming back to the code, i’m a bit confuse here. You have a placeholder in your picker but the bubble inspector is showing a value of current date. That is not right. When a placeholder is showing it means the field is empty.
And that is why i was pointing to you that the way you were setting the placeholder, you were assigning a real value (by using val) which is not what should be done.
e.g. see the snapshot below where i have a placeholder for bubble’s date picker. As you can see the value is empty.

Also the Air date picker placeholder behaves correctly too as shown below. With your code there will be a value even when you have a placeholder displaying (i.e. the picker’s value is empty)

Hope you get my point. A placeholder is not a value. It’s just an attribute of the element so shouldn’t give a value.


Yes i know what your saying, but in order to have a starting date that bubble can read back from and a placeholder this method was what got the job done.


Hey @ben.nes, yes the time selectors are not suitable for small screens and wouldn’t recommend you using it on touch/mobile screens. I will rather recommend something like the beautiful Air date/time droppers i developed. It is currently a paid plugin but i had promised some people here that i was going to make it free so watch out for that announcement soon.


Hey @janheinemeyer1, i’m not sure i get you entirely. What do you mean by “it is disabled forever and i don’t know how to enable it again”. Explain more and i will be happy to assist you.


I had no idea you had already done this!! I will be taking my version out off my store, I really dont want to see a store full of redone plugins.


Oh shoot you did it too :expressionless:. I had it some 6 months ago. I was initially selling it but because i had to go offline for while for some personal issues i couldn’t support it so promised anyone who wanted to buy it that i will be making it free.
Sorry about that man. I did both the date and time droppers.
I don’t want to disappoint the people i promised i will be releasing it for free.


Go for gold mate, first in best dressed! I’m not really into the time stuff by interest =, its just i came across the time dropper and thought it was cool. did you open the little wiggle animation? that honestly, is what got me i think lol…



:smiley: yes i did. it looked funny. I think looking at your plugins i see you have appetite for fancy ui and animation stuff.
I was attracted to the plugins because of the date droppers. they look amazing on mobile and touch screens and though they don’t have the numerous features like the Air date/time picker i think in terms of asthetics they’re one of the best. if i have time i may look into cloning the original project and see if i could add more functionalities to the date dropper


Thanks for the swift reply @seanhoots! I attached a screenshot of the conditional state. Once you hit that condition the date picker won’t pop up (correct), but when that condition is not true anymore (in this case status ID <5) the picker won’t pop up either. It seems like once you have disabled it there’s no way back anymore.



Hey @janheinemeyer1, i see what you mean now. I tested it and you’re right, it’s not behaving as it should.
It’s a bug. Thanks for catching it. I think i may have an idea what the problem is. Will work on it and let you know when i fix it. Shouldn’t take long.


Perfect, thanks a lot @seanhoots!


Hey @janheinemeyer1, i found the bug and i’ve fixed it.
But i haven’t pushed the update yet. Working on the autobinding so will push it in that update.
So rest assured that it’s fixed. See screencast below.


Plugin page: Air Date/Time picker
New update - Version 2.5
(1) Added auto-binding to parent element’s thing.
You can now auto-bind the date to it’s parent elements’ thing.
This is for only single dates and not multi-dates or ranges (bubble require you to specify the type and if it is a list or not so i had to choose one). If there is high demand for auto-biding for list of dates i will see what can be done.
If you enable auto-biding make sure to check “Use auto binding”. See image below.
If you don’t do this some cats and dogs will die. Seriously some cats will die.

(2) Fixed disabled bug.
There was a bug where once you disable the picker you’re not able to enable it again.
It’s now fixed. @janheinemeyer1 FYI i’ve pushed the update as promised. Thanks for being patient.


Maybe this is silly to mention but I see a lot of use cases for this as a birth date picker. I hope everyone realizes that storing it directly as a date will treat it as a dynamic date affected by time zones. So a birth date can be a day off depending on which timezone a user is looking at it.

Since the picker doesn’t do text, you would need to convert the date to unix and store that as a number in your DB. Unless I’m missing something here :slight_smile:


Hi! Thanks for adding the reset input. but I run into an error (sorry we ran into a bug an cannot complete your request).
Than the picker show NaN/NaN/NaN and cannot pick in the calendar anymore


Hmm, looks like something from bubble’s end. What was the full error message?


Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!