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🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker


New Update (Version 2.8.0)

  1. Added ability to disable cursor.:
    By default the cursor is disable. This means on mobile the keyboard wont show.
    You can enable the cursor by setting the Cursor property.

  2. Added two workflow triggering events for when the calendar is shown and when it is hiding
    The calendar is shown event is triggered when the picker’s calendar becomes visible
    The calendar is hidden event is triggered when the picker’s calendar is hiding. Note that this is different from the date selected event because this will be triggered even if no new date was selected. The date selected event is triggered only when a date was selected.

  3. Added Italian and Catalan Languages

Happy bubbling

If you find this free plugin (and my other free plugins) useful, consider buying me some cups of coffee to keep me awake at night to work. :crazy_face:

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Hey @mebeingken, @hola1, @andrew.illingworth91, @medicalresearchtoolb, see the above post for your requested features.
Let me know if there are any issues.


For those who want the inline calendar (@jonathan.timianko, @vstsang, etc), I attempted implementing it in the current element for you guys for free but unfortunately it wont work. For one, a lot of the properties that applies to the inline doesn’t apply to current element so I ended up with several conditional statements and it was complicating the code so is stopped.
So it looks like we have to stick to the original plan of creating the inline as a separate element as part of this plugin (not a different plugin).
Technically its easy to do and if bubble allowed duplicating an element within the same plugin i could have done it in about 30mins. Unfortunately i have to manually recreate all the properties of the current plugin and as you’re aware this plugin has several properties so it’s going to take me some hours to get it done and tested.

If you guys are still interested in sponsoring and can raise about $400, i will do it for you.
If you can’t raise that amount and you don’t need the element urgently, then you can wait for a while and one day i will find some time and implement it for free (but can’t give any timeline).


Looks good @seanhoots. Mobile no longer has keyboard blocking of picker.

Thanks much,



@seanhoots Thanks, works perfect!! Any way to block every date apart from one date? or just make it so they can’t pick a date?


There is a property on thr picker called Disable picker. When checked the user won’t be able to pick any date. The calender won’t even show on click.
You can set the initial date to the only date you want them to choose.


Thanks so much!!! it looks great in my native language!!!

Any updates on the calendar plugin? I can’t wait to get a better calendar:relaxed::sweat_smile:


Love the ko-fi app :slight_smile: GJ!


@JonL, thanks for the cups of coffee, really appreciate it.
Yeah ko-fi is really an amazing app. It’s like a lightweight version of patreon. I like the one time donation concept compared to Patreon’s monthly donations. And they partner with Paypal so all donations received goes directly to your PayPal account. And they don’t charge any fees too.


Hi Everyone - just checking to see who else is interested in sponsoring the inline features. We just need a few more to get this going.

The inline mode is a really useful option that lets you see the calendar permanently without clicking. This allows you to minimize the amount of mouse click on the page and improve the user experience.

Please reply and let the group know if you are keen to sponsor so we can get this organized. Thanks!


I would potentially be interested in sponsoring if it was possible to resize the calendar to make it bigger on the page, but I know this may be too much to ask.


Unfortunately that won’t be possible.


@seanhoots, There seems to be an odd problem with Air date/time picker failing to initialize to an empty value when the page is invoked a second time with a newly created thing. That is probably as clear as mud, so let me try to illustrate.

From a list of Actions (the things my app works with), the action-detail page is invoked with a particular Action.

Dates are initialized properly from the Action’s content. Empty dates show up as current date/time but dim.


The initialization is defined thusly:


After making changes to the Action and clicking Save and Copy, the app will Make changes to the current Action, Create a new Action with DateDue set one week in the future, WhenStarted set to empty and WhenDone set to empty, and then go to page action-detail with the newly created Action.

The resulting action-detail page shows When Started and When Done carried over from the previous Action, not the empty values from the page’s current Action. It appears to be a problem with Air Date/time Picker since the values are shown correctly as empty under Date Recap. (Date Recap is on the page solely for diagnosing this problem.)


I have also verified that they are empty using the Bubble Data viewer. Even so, the picker shows date/time left over from the previous incarnation of the page.


Hi @laurence, does it behave as expected if you use Bubble’s built in Date picker?


Here’s what I see after adding Bubble d/t pickers:

After closing an Action:

After saving the Action with Save and Copy, now seeing the “copied” Action:

The Bubble date/time picker is showing the dim (empty) default values. It’s as though Air date/time picker doesn’t know it’s a fresh instance of the page.


Do you call a reset action to reset the date pickers?


I do not. Shouldn’t have to since the page should be invoked as any new page is. In fact, there is no way to do a reset since the workflow happens on the originating instance, not the second instance.

The page that needs the reset doesn’t exist yet. Step 3, Go to page action-detail instantiates the new instance. If it’s truly a new instance, there should be no need to reset anything. As you saw, the Bubble elements work as they should.
Pick the very same Action from the list view page to invoke action-detail and Air date/time pickers initialize properly.


Ok I will take a look at it.
Can you please create a copy of the page and pm me the link so I can take a look at it in debugging



Can you give a status update on this?



Hi @seanhoots,

Would you be able to add three additional workflow actions?

  • Remove a Date
  • Set a Date list
  • Remove a Date list