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πŸ—“ [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker


Hi Laurence, i haven’t had time to look at it again.
In the mean time can you manually call the reset action of the plugin to reset it?


Hi Jon,
Can you give more details about these actions and possibe use case?


Hi @seanhoots,

I just created a quick mockup.

This is what I’m trying to achieve.

So I want user to be able to select in the picker, but also add or delete recurrent dates (like all Mondays) and finally to be able to delete from the repeating group or deleting a single date in the picker coming from the recurrence.

Also, is there a way to force the picker not to close or to close on action? Not inline, but maybe a workaround.


Ok it makes sense. Will need some work but i think it is very doable.

Currently you can use the Auto Close property to prevent if from closing when a date is selected.
But the calendar will close when you click outside.
The option to prevent the calendar from closing when clicked outside is not supported by the library the plugin is built on. So i will have to look into the library code to see if i could easily add that functionality.

This can be done easily.


All your answers are great :slight_smile:
Remind you to add again the kofi link so I can buy you some man!


I did a bit of debugging and got to the hide function.

hide: function() {
var t = this.opts.onHide;
left: β€œ-100000px”
}), this.focused = β€œβ€, this.keys = [], this.inFocus = !1, this.visible = !1, this.$el.blur(), t && this._bindVisionEvents(t)

If you could set an option in the plugin so the the hiding event was not fired when losing focus and clicking it would do the trick I’m guessing.


This hide function is called by several events.
So maybe i could add a boolean option, manual_close, then i put this whole code in a conditional block which will only execute if manual_close is false.
It might be as simple as this or there may be other things to consider. will have to take a closer look at the whole code to see.


Sounds great Sean. Let’s hope it’s as simple as that.

Maybe you could also create another option to switch CSS class to match the inline mode class.

If both things work out I think you might have a valid workaround for the requested inline mode, thus saving you some precious time not duplicating the plugin.


Suddenly the Air Date/Time Picker plugin is showing just blank inputs. Is anyone else experiencing this? I have the latest plugin installed.



Same here. Bubble core changes? It was working 5 minutes ago.


Would one of you @JonL, @blake1 be kind enough to check and see if the external javascript reference is being loaded? Ive just noticed while building that bubble seems to not load header ref’s included in plugins at the moment and being another account will really help find the scope. cheers


I get the following errors in the console.



Thank you for responding, Bubble have confirmed there is a bug & the fix should be live within the hour.


We pushed a fix, sorry about this.

This was affecting the Dev version of your app, to fix the issue, reload the editor on the page where you see the problem, and this should go away.


I confirm it’s fixed.

Thanks @emmanuel


This is persisting despite reloading the editor page…?


Thanks for quick fix, its fixed after reloading editor @emmanuel


Took time to come through. Fixed. Thanks.


Hi guys

I’m pretty new to bubble - very impressed.

I am having the same issue as above. After trying to make it work, I eventually gave up and tried the normal bubble date picker, but the Air Picker seems to have a nicer look and feel to it.

My concern is that it worked at first, then stopped working, then seemed to work again and this morning before wanting to show client the MVP, i realised it is not working again.

Another thing is that it seems to work on some pages but not others.

I get the same errors as the guys above posted.

Here are a couple of screen shots.


PS: It looks like it may work on normal pages, however not when using reusable elements (which is how most of these were setup in the app :-(.

Looking forward to your reply.



For now what I have done is cut and pasted the reusable elements into pages and the Air Date/Time Picker is now almost working.

Now the main issue is that the binding does not work.