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🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker


I can see how this can really come in handy. Thanks!:rocket:


@seanhoots When using the Date & Time at in the same element there are a couple of issues I’m running into.

  1. First clicking on the element it shows the calendar & time element. When I change the time it automatically selects the current date with that time. Is there a way to keep this from happening?

  2. While selecting multiple dates & times together, when you change the time it changes it for the previous date selection. For example, I select June 12, 2018 @ 7:30pm then change the time to 8:30pm in order to select other dates at that time it will automatically change the June 12th selection from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Anyway to avoid this?

Thanks for the great plugin.


I am loading a date via an API into the hair date/time picker. I have a workflow which initiates based upon ‘when the date is selected’ does anyone have any options to place a condition when the page loads so that workflow does not fire due to the date being updated when the API loads. I’ve tried all the obvious ones that nothing seems to preclude the workflow from kicking off. The only option is to play some other form of condition such as a customs state after a period of time etc this is gnarly due to the fact the page load on the right which the API populates the date varies.



I keep getting the following Javascript error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_render' of undefined
at m.clear (datepicker.min.js:1)
at m._onKeyUpGeneral (datepicker.min.js:1)

Any ideas why?



Right, the reason was that one of the elements of the query (which gets the dates to block) had an empty date field.


However, reset action keeps throwing this error:

The plugin Air Date/Time Picker threw the following error: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

Any ideas?



Hey @seanhoots,
I’ve ran into a little problem, I don’t know if it is just me or something I have overlooked but the date picker seems to be adding a month. I’ve not tested this with the other modules in the plugin. I have currently taken a month from the date it sets which corrects the issue however if this is a known issue and is updated in the future it may mean a few dates are skewed.

Any ideas?



Is anyone having an issue where the date range from two different air pickers with a start and an end date doesn’t come through into your database? I have a reservation system where a user picks a start date and an end date and then it stores the reservation date range based on those two air pickers, but for some people the date range comes in the backend and for others it doesn’t, and I’m only using one workflow, so really confused. Any help appreciated!


I’m noticing that the date is saving incorrectly (it adds one month onto the selected date). Although the selected date is August, 8’th…the plugin saves as September 8’th


Hi @steveyconlan and @supernaturally, i’m guessing you guys meant the Air Date/Time dropper and not the Picker. These are two different plugins.
I’ve taking a look at it and you were right. The value returned for the month was was one more than the selected date for some of the formats.
It was an issue coming from the library the plugin is built on but i’ve fixed it in the latest update of the plugin.
Please update your plugin to at least version 1.1.4 and that should fix the problem.
If you were manually subtracting one month you can remove that operation now when you update your plugin.


Perfect, thank you @seanhoots!

Also, have you noticed that the Time Picker (not the Date/Time Dropper) always sets an initial value? Even when the Picker’s “set initial time” checkbox is unchecked, a value appears when the user sets any given input’s initial value equal to the TimePicker A’s value. The Date/Time Dropper’s checkbox does work, however.


Ok will take a look at the initial value for the time picker.



This message thread has gotten very long so please forgive me if my question has been answered. I thought I had this figured out but now I’m stuck.

I need to be able to clear a date (set it to empty) programmatically. A simple example is when the user changes the status of a project, it may mean the start date and time must be set to empty.

I don’t see any way to make this happen through the air date/time picker.


The set date action doesn’t allow leaving the value blank.

I tried a backdoor approach of updating the current thing, setting the date to empty. For some reason, even though I can see in the debugger that the custom state I am assigning to the thing’s date field is empty, the date is remaining unchanged in the thing.

As I said, I thought I had this working a few months ago. Now, I’m stuck.

Is there something basic I am misunderstanding about dates in Bubble?



I just encountered this error:

“The plugin Air Date/Time Picker / action reset a Air Date/Time Picker threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined
at eval (eval at g.create_code (, :3:224)
at (please report this to the plugin author)”

Is this pointing to a problem I’ve created in the app?


Hi @laurence, I think there is a bug in thr reset action. Will take a look and fix it.

Will also look at how to make the date empty.


This plugin doesn’t seem to contain the “This input should not be empty” option, which is unfortunately a dealbreaker for me. Just wanted to let you know.


Hey @philnauta, i wish this is something i could add but if i’m not wrong this option has to be made available to plugin developers by Bubble themselves.

This is because if this option is available on an element, Bubble prevents workflows from running until the input has value. So i think this is something Bubble will have to expose to plugin devs like they did for auto-binding.

Hi @emmanuel, will it be possible to expose the option, This input should not be empty, to plugin devs for Input type plugin elements? Thanks


we can look into it, though no promise on the timeline. Can you trop us a line to support so that we can track it?

"Date" or "Date Range" field type, which one would YOU use?

Hi All,

I have read this whole blog and it is incredible all the work you are doing. I however am basic and for the life of me cannot get my date ranges to save.

Would anyone give me access to a workflow that does this successfully so I can see what I am supposed to do. I feel like the basics of how to use the plug in have been skipped over :slight_smile:

I am working on this if anyone has time to help but any demos or videos for the real basics of how to save a date range and what data field would be amazing.


Thanks @emmanuel, i’ve sent the email.