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🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker


There is no error.
The plugin expects that when you pick a date, you will pick the time before moving to the other date and pick the other time.
But if you decide to go back to change the time, you can click on the date, which will unselect it and then click on it again to select and then change the time.

It works as expected. Maybe not the most intuitive.
Then again if i were you i will use two pickers for selecting the range if i care about time.
The picker’s range selection is more suitable for picking dates when you don’t care about time.
If you care about time, i think its more will be more intuitive to use two different pickers, start and end.


As you can see from the screencast below it works as expected.
You can choose whatever time you want.
You can also go back and change the time as explained in the previous reply.
But again if i were you i will use two pickers instead of one since you care about time.
It is more intuitive that way.


Here is a pro tip if you still want to use only one picker to select a range with time.
Uncheck the property Toggle selected.
If this is uncheck, it means clicking on a selected date will not unselect it.
This way you can easily click on the different dates to change the time without unselecting and selecting it again as i suggested earlier.
See below the difference if you uncheck the Toggle selected.
I think this is more intuitive for your use case

So as you can see there is no problem or “ERROR” in the plugin. It works perfectly fine and as intended.
Maybe one day i should create an extensive documentation to explain all these powerful features of the plugin.


Hey @seanhoots, I’d been trying to help Rachel understand how to build her (really quite easy) event/calendar management app and noticed much of what you’ve already pointed out with Air Date/Time Picker (such as, kind of makes the interface nicer if one uses 2 separate pickers for start and end, etc.).

However, one thing I do notice is that (at least with the default settings or the settings I’m using) if the picker is configured to select Date and Time, it looks to me like changing Time (without changing Date) does not generate an “AD/T value is changed” event.

You can see this behavior in this little demo app:

Could be I’m just missing an option in the Air Date/Time config… But note that when one does this, the input changed event does not get generated and so neither a custom workflow, nor Bubble itself, knows that the time part has changed. You can see that by watching the text element in the project above.

Here’s a static screenshot:

Best regards,


How feasible to put a dynamic field for language? Do I have to create one per language?
The rest is awesome!



Hi John, for the plugin to support any language, a language file has to be provided. That is why i made a dropdown with options for the languages that i’ve currently provided the language file.
I can easily change it to a dynamic field but you will still only be able to enter a language that is supported.

So if you want to automatically detect the users locale and show the appropriate language, it won’t kind of work. It will only work if we have the language for the locale implemented.
What i could do in the future though is to have a fallback so that if a language is not supported for a locale, the fallback language is used.


Yes for me it will be perfect having a dynamic field as I fully controlled the user language. Right now, I don’t like the idea of having to copy 3 date time picker. I will wait until ready. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance! :))


Haven’t tested this yet but I can see how this can happen.
There is a time bug from the library that this plugin is based on, which this plugin inherited unfortunately.
So as you can see from this post below and also on the main plugin’s page i clearly stated this issue.

I actually have a fix for this issue but completely forgot about it and no one raised it till now.
Once i fix this it will resolve the value change issue you’re reporting.


@JohnMark can you please explain the above. I don’t get it.

Also is it that you have some language that isn’t available from the dropdown or you’re going to conditionally choose from one of the available languages?


Oh I see! Thanks for pointing that out. (I use Air D/T in my own app but not for very simple date selection, not quite in the way I was attempting to explain to that other forum user. Personally, I’ve had no issues. :P)

[and edit: indeed pinging range:start / range:end rather than value resolves the issue]


this one:


Ok that is very doable.
Will add it in the next update.


Quick question, 1st time using the block dates feature on the air date/time picker plugin.

Is it possible to block a range of dates on the calendar, from a field stored as ‘date range’?




Hi @luke2, yes it’s possible.
Use the blocked range filed instead.


Thanks @seanhoots for the swift reply.

Sorry, not sure I follow, have checked and can’t find the ‘blocked range’ option (using latest 2.9.0). Could you kindly provide more info. Cheers


At look my bad, I actually have an unpublished version which has this option.
I still have some features and issues to address before i release that update.
Sorry about that.

For now a workaround is to generate a list of dates giving a start and end date and pass that to the plugin.
If you search the forum you will see different posts that discuss how to do this.


No worries - look forward to the next update.

Yes good idea, will perhaps implement something like that as a temporary measure.



This would be a very important feature to expose. While one CAN (using external APIs or JavaScript — I’m partial to using Moment and Moment-range for this) convert date ranges to a list of enclosed dates, this gets VERY complex for the average bubble user VERY quickly.

As I discussed with @luke2 in another thread, the rangewise date operations give us all we need for booking type applications but neither the built in nor plug-in date picking solutions provide the rangewise date blocking that one would want.

That feature could easily be the basis for a paid version of your plug-in.


Hi, @seanhoots.

Thanks for the work you did to help me last month.

  1. As Keith pointed out, I’ve noticed that value is changed event isn’t triggered when only the time component is changed. Do you think you’ll be able to resolve this soon?

  2. Also, when only time is changed, it seems to be necessary to click away from the picker in order to close the picker. Given all the other considerations of how people use the plugin, does it make sense to add a Close or Done link for closing the picker?



Workaround (not a big deal) for 1 is in sean’s reply to me further up.