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After rereading sean’s post, I still don’t see the workaround for triggering the value is changed event.

Here’s just a bit of a diagnostic page I have for testing this.


The top date(s) on the right are sourced from the picker’s value.
The second date down is a custom state that would be set in the workflow.
The third date is irrelevant for this discussion.
The only time the workflow ran and incremented the count is when I changed the date. Never when time alone was changed. (I think that is what sean was talking about.)

Interestingly, by the time I ran the debugger inspector, the picker’s value had the date shown, but it wasn’t reflected in the top numbers.


As a workaround to the fact that A D/T Picker doesn’t trigger a value is changed event if only the time is changed, I thought I was onto something . . .

Using the calendar is hidden event, I wanted to add a condition testing for a difference between the date and time selected vs. the date and time previously set for the picker. The previously set value is held in a custom state. The comparison for difference always comes up false even though displaying the values and inspecting them with the debugger, they are clearly different.


I am using the formatted function because date types apparently don’t support is or is not operators. (They definitely don’t support = or not = operators.)

In a variation of the event with the condition removed, the event runs and it displays the result of that condition along with the related values.


Clearly, range:start and ValueSet differ, but the test for “is not” comes up false.

Do I completely misunderstand what is and is not mean?


Hi @laurence, i haven’t neglected your comments.
Will respond later. I’m doing some testing with regards to these issues and i think i might be finding some bug in bubble.
I’ve realized that sometimes the value that a text element is displaying is different from what the inspector reports.
Want to be sure of things first before i report as a bug in bubble.

With regards to the “is not” did you try them on the bubble default date/time picker?


I confirmed that date time picker (from Bubble) acted exactly like this. If ‘Initial content’ is forced with a specific value, the date picker value isn’t equal to initial content value. It displays well the ‘initial content’ but saving isn’t that. Maybe something I don’t catch?


Thanks @JohnMark for confirming this. Maybe @laurence can file a bug report for this then.


I’ll get back to this in a day or two, study what @JohnMark said, and put together a useful bug report if I can nail it down.

Just remember, I’m not a professional at this. I’m just trying to solve business problems with Bubble, bringing a 20th century, “structured programming”, client-server, mindset.

I’ll let you know what I figure out when I can.


Hi all, have searched this thread but couldn’t find an answer.

I have Mon-Fri blocked but I want to allow specific Monday’s i.e. 24th Dec. Is there a way to override the blocked days with a list of exception dates?



@simon Unfortunately currently blocked exception dates are not supported.


ok thanks


Is there a way to show Air DatePicker by clicking a group or button?


Yes the plugin has a “show” action



Is anyone having recent issues Airdate picker when selecting a range of dates that cross over to another month? i used to be able to select three month’s worth of dates by click on Oct 1, then clicking on December 31st and all the days would be selected in my range. Now it seems I can only select the current month and can’t cross over into another month without experiencing lost dates.



@gilles Can you create a testing page for me to look at ?


Just an update to the group, the issue has been resolved. It may have been an bubble server update from today.


Hi @seanhoots, I was not aware of all those settings options, even language! Thanks. Hope it helps others. Great work! Time to take 2 coffees :wink:
If you want to help this plugin to be better, for only 3$:
(or feel cheap if you can afford it but still resisting! :slight_smile: )


Hey @JohnMark thanks for the ko-fi.
Appreciate it.


Hi @seanhoots !

First of all, thanks very much for this great plugin.

May I have a translation request please? I would like to ask if you could add Hungarian translation to the plugin please.
I am providing you with the below translation.

days: ['Vasárnap', 'Hétfő', 'Kedd', 'Szerda', 'Csütörtök', 'Péntek', 'Szombat'],
daysShort: ['Vas', 'Hét', 'Ke', 'Sze', 'Csüt', 'Pé', 'Szo'],
daysMin: ['V', 'H', 'K', 'Sze', 'Cs', 'P', 'Szo'],
months: ['Január','Február','Március','Április,'Május','Június', 'Július','Augusztus','Szeptember','Október','November','December'],
monthsShort: ['Jan', 'Feb', 'Már', 'Ápr', 'Máj', 'Jún', 'Júl', 'Aug', 'Szep', 'Okt', 'Nov', 'Dec'],
today: 'Mai nap',
clear: 'Töröl',
dateFormat: '',
timeFormat: 'HH:ii'
firstDay: 1

Thank you.



Ok thanks. Will be included in the next update


I’ve been using this plugin for a while but now I have a problem with it.
I used to trigger a workflow using “When an input’s value is changed” but now it has it’s own action (which I am using). The problem is that the workflow is not reacting ( I’m using step by step and it doesn’t even show it like it doesn’t exist). I’ve tried the built in date/time picker and it worked. But I want this plugin because I need only time to be picked.

Update: when I am using this plugin to pick the date the workflow is responding and works as intended. So it is about using “Only Timepicker”.


Yes I’m aware of this issue and I think if you read up this thread you will see I’ve discussed it before.
The thing is, it’s “supposed” to work but as you’ve experienced it doesn’t work when you change only the time.
I’m not sure if it’s a bug from my code or from bubble. Haven’t had time to investigate it.
So unfortunately if you want to detect time changes you can’t use that event for now till I fix it.

I’m not sure if this will work but you can try it.
Save the time value in a hidden text input and instead detect value change on the text input.
Again I’m not sure if this will work as I haven’t tried it. Just came to mind.