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🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker


Sorry I didn’t check if it was discussed before. There was a “Today” button I removed but I restored it and the workflow starts working when clicking on it. So since in the database you can’t write only the time ( it also writes the date) the value of the picker will contain the current date (I tried to add it’s value to the database and it added current date too even tho I used “Only Timepicker”). I will keep that entry in the database and will see tomorrow ( when the current date will be 1 day greater) if it will work cuz I think it has a weird way of checking if it’s value is changed looking at the date and ignoring the time.


There is nothing like “time only” .
If I say let’s meet at 5pm. I’m sure you will likely ask 5pm what date.
So the “Only timepicker” option just for display purpose.
If you’re only interested in time then you can store the hour, minute and second as sparate numbers in your database. But I won’t advice that though.
It doesn’t hurt having the date component even if you don’t need it.
Storing times as date objects will allow you to computations easily on it like adding some minutes or comparing them.


Yeah I am giving the user the ability to chose only the time but I write the date too in the database. And the idea was that he can edit the time he picked and it will write itself instantly in the db. The solution you gave(with an invisible input) will not work because you still need a way to check if the time picker value was changed. So I opted for using a button to write it in the database and it’s working.


Since you’re linking the input to the time picker, the idea was to check the value changed on the hidden text input not on the picker.


Yes but how will the input see if the picker value was changed? It receives only the initial value from the picker but when you change it’s value the input doesn’t react. I just made a button user must click to go next and it rewrites the existing data in the db with the value of the picker.

To be clear the only thing that doesn’t work is the action “when air date/time picker value’s was changed” but you still can access the value it stores.


Hey @seanhoots !
What would take to add the ability of changing the “Today” text of respective button? This way the user will still pick a date (current date) but since it will be a confirmation text it will not confuse him. The current title doesn’t work for some projects (for example I am giving the user the ability to select a frequency like 2 times per week for the entire year and the “Today” button beneath doesn’t make sense).

It would be a nice fix for the entire problem since I’ve experienced some new bugs that I think are related to the fact I am using the “TimeOnly” option. Sometimes the calendar is showing for a sec and then the time picker appears but it’s glitched out and you can’t use it.


What would take to add the ability of changing the “Today” text of respective button?

I don’t understand what you mean above.
Do you want to remove the Today button?
Or do you want to change the text to something else?


To be able to change the text to something else. A confirmation text like “Confirm” or something like that.


@seanhoots Hi. It’s been a while. So regarding my previous message, would that be possible?


Sorry I missed this. Changing “Today” text to something else example “Confirm” can lead to some confusion because that button is for setting the picker to the current date/time and not to confirm a selection.
I’m reluctant making this configurable because it will make the functionality of the button misleading.


Yeah I get what are you saying but it will be an easy fix for that bug. Maybe adding a similar button with the title “Confirm” used to pick the current date and with an “AirDate/TimePicker confirm is clicked” action so it can trigger a workflow?


@seanhoots I was just searching this thread for a feature that might support the need for a Confirm or Set Date button. I have users selecting date ranges and often hear they do not realize they can click outside the element to save. Auto close does not work for a range, so an option for a button to set the set the range (or date) would help.



Is there a better place to post a how-to question for the Air Date/Time Picker?

I’m simply looking to have two time picker elements where changing the hours/minutes on the first picker (start time) updates the second time picker +2 hours (end time).



Hi, I would like to use a Dutch translation of this plugin. Is there a possibility to receive the English language file so I can translate it?


@mike_verbruggen see the post below



days: ['Zondag', 'Maandag', 'Dinsdag', 'Woensdag', 'Donderdag', 'Vrijdag', 'Zaterdag'],
daysShort: ['Zon', 'Maa', 'Din', 'Woe', 'Don', 'Vrij', 'Zat'],
daysMin: ['Zo', 'Ma', 'Di', 'Wo', 'Do', 'Vr', 'Za'],
months: ['Januari','Februari','Maart','April','Mei','Juni', 'Juli','Augustus','September','Oktober','November','December'],
monthsShort: ['Jan', 'Feb', 'Mrt', 'Apr', 'Mei', 'Jun', 'Jul', 'Aug', 'Sept', 'Okt', 'Nov', 'Dec'],
today: 'Vandaag',
clear: 'Wissen',
dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yyyy',
timeFormat: 'HH:ii'
firstDay: 1


Hey @seanhoots

If I haven’t already said, awesome plugin!

Just thought I’d raise a small bug when using the condition ‘When this Airdate/TimePicker is pressed’ (either as a saved style or unsaved), whenever the element is clicked, it wont display the calendar, almost like its disabled. Now it works initially, but I think the issue occurs when ‘Initial content’ is set and received then its combined with the condition ‘pressed…’ it causes this bug.

I’ve noticed a similar bug with the Croppie plugin and using the pressed condition, where is wouldn’t action the browse function - must be something to do with Bubbles process on this, some sort of conflict I’m guessing.

I’ve just removed the condition, but thought I’d raise just to let you know and in case anyone stumbles into something similar.

I’m using the latest version (2.9)

So this is working, with the pressed condition removed:

And then this is exactly the same, but with the pressed condition active (just the arrive element has pressed condition here):

Btw both have initial content has been received from the page URL via parameter



Thanks Luke.
I will take a look at this issue in the next update.
Btw i see some small bug looking at your snapshots that I will have to fix.
I realized when when you click on a month or date the color is first light blue (default color) before switching to your set color.


Much appreciated @seanhoots

Its a very minor bug, but something that could catch someone out :wink:

Oh yeah, now you’ve mentioned it, I see what you mean.

Look forward to next update.



Just run into a couple of bugs @seanhoots - sorry to trouble again, one is really quite an odd one.

1st is when I’m using initial content, get data from parameter (date), this when the data is loaded into the input and I have the condition ‘hovered’ > change border color


When I set a new date and then hover back over, it will switch the date back to the date in the parameter - quick demo below:

Changes from October then back to August (date from parameter in URL)

The 2nd bug seems to again be related to the initial content I believe and perhaps something to do with the ‘auto close’ set to checked.

When I click the date and then move the cursor down to select a new date on the calendar popup, it will disappear and l cannot make a selection.

Demo working with auto close set to unchecked for both - you’ll also notice that the ‘Depart’ date jumps back a few days, when the ‘Arrive’ date is changed which is odd.

Demo not working with auto close set to checked for both