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The last point I make about the auto close is actually a bug related to the ‘hover’ condition. I didn’t realise, but the ‘Depart’ date input still had the hover condition:

And therefore, when hovering off the input, it losses focus with the calendar, therefore removing the hover condition gets it working perfectly again.

And also with regards to the depart date jumping, this was because of the ‘Arrivals’ min and max date, therefore rightly causing the jump, so that part makes sense and working correctly.

So just the bug with working with initial content and using hover and pressed conditions, some odd bugs crop up.

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Hi @seanhoots,

Can you please give us an estimated time for the next upcoming update? I am pretty much ready to deploy my website, just would like to have the calendar in Hungarian.

Thanks very much.

Best regards


I’ve been going around this for ages and can’t seem to make something simple to work.

Can you set a date range instead of just a date?



Hi is there some Plugin change? Now i have this message on my app:

The plugin Air Date/Time Picker / element Air Date/Time Picker threw the following error: TypeError: h.selectDate is not a function
at eval (eval at m.create_code (, :12:164)
at (please report this to the plugin author)"


Be sure you have the element set to range and you can set initial content depending your setup e.g.


Unfortunately i already setup initial range. I discover the problem is just on one of my page not in the others…seems some conflict …


Hey @seanhoots

Just wondering if there is any progress with the slight display bug with date range and re-selecting?


Bug info

When using the Air Date/Time Picker element (no conditions set). The bug is when I have set the start: and end: range set and then either focus off the element or reselect. Seems to swap the start and end date on the display date.


Hi @seanhoots

I found this thread is already very long, sorry if this is already discussed but I can not find (in element style) conditional option “when this airdate/timepicker isn’t valid” just as bubble native date picker.

I think this option is very useful and I use this option in all input forms in my app.

Thanks in advance


Hi @seanhoots just reporting a quick bug here. I’m getting an error in the bubble debugger saying Maximum call stack size exceeded. Pretty sure you know about it already.

The maximum call stack size errors are broken down between the different element components. Sometimes I get them for the border, other times for maximum date. The maximum date functionality works even if the error is displayed but sometimes the border does not display properly.

Screens attached, looking forward to your feedback!



yeah - I’m seeing the same issue. Any resolution?


Hi @seanhoots,

Can you please give us an estimated time for the next upcoming update? I am pretty much ready to deploy my website, just would like to have the calendar in Hungarian.

Thanks very much.

Best regards


By end of this month.

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Tahnk you !


I think I’ve found a plugin conflict with Zeroqode’s @levon “Materialize CSS” plugin. When I updated to their most recent version it caused all kinds of errors with the date picker. I rolled it back to a previous version to solve the problems but it occurred to me that there are still some interactions between the two plugins. For example I can’t seem to change the colour of the top of the plugin. You can see what I mean here:

Just thought I would bring this to your attention although it isn’t a big problem for me at the moment.


Is there a way to change background of the color picker? I’m using this with a dark theme


Hi Sean,

Just upgraded to 2.9.0 and I have lost my border around the date/time picker as soon as I go back to 2.8 it appears again. I have a conditional that checks if the value is empty then applies a red border. I wonder if the value empty has changed in some way? I see in the release notes about the ability to set initial value to empty - might this be related?


PS loving your work


I am all about the issues today - sorry. A while back some people were saying that on mobile the virtual keyboard appears when you click into the picker (which it shouldn’t). I think this was fixed maybe with the show/hide cursor feature.

This appears to be broke again? Anyone else see this (I am using an iPhone)



This absolutely KILLS Bubble's real potential

I don’t know about everyone else but if you have a bunch of conditions on max date min date or blocked date suddenly this plugin just doesn’t work anymore sadly, it’s probably related to the max call size exceeded error in the bubble debugger. Can anyone fix this?


Hi all,

I got a problem on date ranges : when I select a date range, the input shows me first the oldest date, and then the soonest date, like “from 15 april to 13 april”.

Here is a screenshot :

Does anyone know about this problem ?




Hey @Bfanti

This sounds very similar to the issue I’m experiencing, a few posts ago:

I believe its a bug, that appears to switch the start and end dates which its unfocused.

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