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🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker


Hi @seanhoots

I think you are missing a ‘y’ for the default formats?

I have this:


In the field it shows:


I’m using custom now anyway, but thought I’d let you know (and sorry if this was already mentioned)

And I have one request :angel:

Would it be possible to change the color of the placeholder? I have date pickers that are disabled based on a role. But a datepicker in the same RG could be marked to edit for the same role. In this situation it is not clear that one can be clicked and the other not (I have font color by default ‘greyed out’ and a condition to change the font to black when current user’s edit is yes). But because the placeholder seems to stay grey, it doesn’t look editable.

Hope this makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been using this picker because it works much better responsively than the default, has more options and looks awesome! But there is one use case where I did not get this to work:

I have a repeating group with a date picker that stores a UNIX number using a plugin to convert the date to unix.
I cannot get this picker to work because I need ‘do when value changes’ which it seems this picker does not support. Instead it does things on ‘selected’ but I noticed in the log that it runs the workflow for all currently selected pickers in the entire RG.

Autobinding wouldnt work because I need the unix conversion. I could build an additional workflow triggered when the date was saved, but this is also too complex.

A button isn’t a great UX and had some other limitations.

Would something like ‘do when value is changed’ be possible or am I just using it wrong inside a RG?


I noticed something else, not sure if this is fixable.
When the date picker sits in a hidden group, a RG that is filtered on that date field will not use the initial content. It doesn’t see the picker because of the group that it sits in. The regular picker does work in this scenario.


Hi Sean
Just a quick question - the dynamic blocking greys / cuts out the blocked dates when using just a date selection - so works perfectly fine. But when using the dynamic dates blocking, the Air Date Picker still allows the blocked values to be chose in a range. Seems to be a small logic related issue? Ideally - if any one day is blocked in a range then it should not allow the range to be chosen - am i correct?


@seanhoots I have another issue that I haven’t seen addressed in this topic. I have a picker in a group that gets reset after save but when I load new data in the group, the previous value is visible in the picker as initial content.

The picker is setup to only show initial content conditionally (when the field is not empty), but for some reason it shows the previous value each time. No matter how I reset the group.

Could there be an issue with resetting the field? When I open the group for the first time in the session, the field is indeed showing empty (when condition is not met), so it does work initially.

Any insights would be very helpful! Otherwise, I’ll have to go back to the default picker for this. Thanks!


Hi @vincent56, the issue with reset has been discussed here on this thread. Yes when you call the bubble reset action it doesn’t reset the custom plugin. I actually reported it to bubble and they asked me to file a bug report but I forgot to do it.
As a work around I created a reset action specifically for the date/time picker so you could reset it when you reset the group. But some users reported the reset was causing some issues for them. See the comments just above your previous comment.
To be honest I’ve not had time to look at this plugin for some time. I guess it’s time to take a look at it and fix all reported issues.


Sorry @seanhoots. I went through the entire thread before and used the search this time, but couldnt find anything. I’ll test your reset action.

Would definitely pay for this plugin if that is an incentive to fix some of the current issues :wink:


Hi @vincent56,
Sorry for this late reply but i’ve noted all your issues and i’m currently working on them. See below:

With regards to this, the 'date selected' event is the same as a 'value changes' event. I could rename it but for backward compatibility i will keep it like that for now. I just tested the picker in a RG and the event works on only the selected picker. Let me know if you’re still facing this issue.

You’re right and i think this is something @Bubble will have to answer. That is, when a custom plugin element is hidden, its value is null but for the built-in elements their values are available.


We’ll add a way to initialize states, basically a way that will let you write a function to define the initial value of the state, even if the element isn’t visible yet. We’ll do that this week.


Great thanks @emmanuel.


Hey guys, is anyone having issues where their Air Date/Time picker isn’t working anymore without upgrading or changing anything? I’ve gotten two people reporting their picker not working.
Please if you’re experiencing let me know and also file a bug report.
I’m getting inconsistent results with my testing. It’s working for some of my own apps and not working for some using the same version.

I think i’ve seen what the issue is. It looks like when the picker is in a group, it doesn’t work anymore.
I’ve filed a bug report.
Please @Bubble could you guys quickly take a look at this for me. I have a lot of people using the plugin and i’ve started getting complains.


Came here to see what’s going on - definitely having the same issue.

Bug is in both my live version and test version. :frowning:

I changed versions around, nothing to do with that.

@Bubble @emmanuel @josh

App (and my customers) are relying on this plugin


Hi @skylershelton,
Sorry to here that. I filed a bug report and still waiting to hear from bubble.


We follow up with @seanhoots with a change he should make to his code to work reliably. It should not be too big of a fix on his end.

Fundamentally, when you write a plugin, you should not expect the div to be already in the DOM, so you should access it from instance.canvas, not by using document.getElementById(ID).


We added this


Great :ok_hand: Thanks @emmanuel.


Thanks. I’m updating the code and should push the new version soon.



Please update your plugin to the latest version (at least version 2.6.2).

Issue has been fixed.
Thanks @emmanuel and team.


Hi @skylershelton, issue has been resolved. please update your plugin to latest version.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks a lot for the quick turnaround!


Fix worked great, thank you very much!


Hi everyone,

I don’t understand but Air date time picker is not working anymore.

I did the update of the plugin, erase it and install it again, but still not working.

Can you please help me

here is the bug I get: