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Freelancer available


Hello bubblers,

We are a team of 5 people across 3 different countries, working on a startup of our own; looking to moonlight to bootstrapp the marketing efforts for our app.

Happy to support you with your Bubble projects. We charge $20/hr.

  • we can help with quick fixes
  • with a complete MVP
  • with landing pages
  • etc.

If you also need help with designing your bubble app, we also provide design services at $60/hr (for UX/UI/Graphic designing)


Please contact me


@freelance_helper Do you have a website or portfolio?


Hi everyone,

We are now booked with a month long project. Thanks for the response. So only available for quick fixes until mid-march.



Please contact me. I’m having trouble setting up my my API with sendgrid. its probably something really simple but I can’t figure it out.




Sure thing. Can you give me access to your app as well as tell me which sendgrid api call you are trying to integrate.



hellow u guys able to help me out for fixing things?


Hey, how are you guys?

I would like to know how much you charge to make a web app like this?


Did you forget the link?



Please contact me at, I’ve got a project I would like your help on.


Hello, please hit me up at to discuss helping me finish my app. Thank you.


Hi there, I need some help setting up API on my site,

Best wishes


I would be glad to assist you.
Just sent you an email.
Appreciate your response.