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From Zero To SaaS Launch In Less Than 3 Months


That’s pretty cool and good to hear a success story. I am in the process of building now. Can you please share on how your are doing text messaging?


site looks great, loads of really cool features there for an industry I’m sure many people overlook.

Just a heads up though the text in your footer says ‘RepairFroms’ instead of ‘RepairForms’


Thats for the heads up on the spelling got it all fixed.


Nice! Congrats!

What are you using for the electronic signature? Is that a Bubble plugin?

Also, what is the “integration” menu? It seems to go to the home page.

Are you using Stripe to process payments? Did you use a 3rd party plugin or the built-in functionality?

(FWIW, the menus turn blue on mouseover, making them nearly disappear against the blue background.)

The site looks great and is pretty responsive. Great job! :+1:



A couple other things I noticed…

  • Clicking More Info on the cookies notice at the top of the screen leads to a 404.
  • Clicking the Send Message button at the bottom of the page without actually entering any data results in a Message Sent confirmation.

Probably easy fixes, but thought you’d want to know. Good luck with your business!



Woww impressed. How did you get so many customers so quick?


I used a facebook bot to send individual messages to business owners that were apart of a bunch of facebook groups.

First I joined each group then scrapped all the people from those groups into an excel spreadsheet and then sent them a messages.


Thanks fo the heads up I’ll fix all those small issues. Yes I am using stripe to process all the payments via the built in stripe plugin for bubble.


Thanks added those to my list as well.


I used the plug in Signature Pad


OK, interesting approach. Thanks!


youre onto a winner but why no twitter and facebook? you have both as links in the footer and considering youre getting your punters from facebook i would have assumed you’d be a social butterfly and promoting you app on both of these?