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Full Calendar Scheduler Plugin


Hi! I’m working on a school project that needs a scheduler like this and would love to help test it. Count me in!

Full Calendar - Day Problem

Count me in


Hey @seanhoots

I use your stuff daily, appreciate you a lot.

Any chance I can get in on the action? DM me if I can contribute financials and/or beta test. I’m willing to help however I can as well (documentation etc.)

I’ve got a delivery service app in production (with users) that could benefit a lot from this and an app very near production that requires this.

Thanks for your hard work man


Count on me.


Hey there,

What’s the status of this? Is the scheduling functionality up and running?



@seanhoots Same here, how can we help you reach the Saas license fee now? How many buyers are lined up.

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I would like to test


put this code on document ready after the calender initialized.


No updates guys ?!


Hey @seanhoots

I was just wondering if there is an update with the timeline view? Thanks


I am also very interested, I am ready to pay the plugin 150€


Hi @seanhoots, any update on this plugin? I read somewhere that this was meant to be release a few months ago, but have not been able to find it. Thanks!


I hit some bubble limitations that prevented me from fixing one particular issue. But I found a way out now.

One of the main concerns about the current calendar is how slow it can be when the calendar has a lot of events.
This happens because the calendar always load all events and there was no proper way to limit the calendar to only the needed event.
Avaoiding this was a huge challenge because of some limitations on getting data from bubble (no GET, no json feed, lmit of 50 items for Get Data from API, limit of data api returning 100 records at a time).

Finally I found a way out of this that can now allow you fetch only the needed events for the current view.

I currently have some few users helping me test out the performance compared to bubble’s calendar.
Once they’re happy with the performance I will release it. Maybe next week or even this weekend depending on the results.

There will be two versions of the plugin, a Lite version without Scheduler and a Pro version with Scheduler, for different prices.

Stay tuned.

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At @starnapp you mentioned in another post that your calendar takes about 20secs to load.
Can you send me a PM with your application name so that I grant you a beta access for you to test how my plugin will perform compared to bubble’s own.
I want to make sure there is a significant performance improvement before releasing it else it’s useless.


I’d love to try this out! I have money in hand.


I’m willing to beta test as well