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Full Calendar Scheduler Plugin


Hi! I’m working on a school project that needs a scheduler like this and would love to help test it. Count me in!

Full Calendar - Day Problem

Count me in


Hey @seanhoots

I use your stuff daily, appreciate you a lot.

Any chance I can get in on the action? DM me if I can contribute financials and/or beta test. I’m willing to help however I can as well (documentation etc.)

I’ve got a delivery service app in production (with users) that could benefit a lot from this and an app very near production that requires this.

Thanks for your hard work man


Count on me.


Hey there,

What’s the status of this? Is the scheduling functionality up and running?



@seanhoots Same here, how can we help you reach the Saas license fee now? How many buyers are lined up.


I would like to test


put this code on document ready after the calender initialized.


No updates guys ?!


Hey @seanhoots

I was just wondering if there is an update with the timeline view? Thanks


I am also very interested, I am ready to pay the plugin 150€