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Gantt chart integration


I’m working on a construction project management app, and would really like to implement a Gantt chart feature as part of that. I haven’t been able to find any plugins that work for that nor have the ability to integrate one myself. I would like to be able to integrate dhtmlxGantt or similar (linked below) for the integration. Please contact me through this thread or DM and I will get back to you. Thanks!


I would be happy to assist you with your requirement.
Please add me on skype:cis.am2 or drop me an email on to discuss further.
Hoping for prompt response.



Hi Blake,

Sounds interesting and something right up my alley.
Feel free to email on

Best Wishes,


I am happy to financially contribute to the resulting solution. Please let me know :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. I have someone working on a standalone plugin at the moment. Once we get it working, we will hopefully publish to the marketplace.


Any update on this? How’s it coming along?




Hi all, we have just published a gantt chart plugin, please check it out here

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Hey Blake,

I work at The Upstarters and I have just sent you a private message.

Look forward to chatting to you,