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Generating a Dynamic PDF

I was thinking of printing a report of 1 page. However lets say the number of people is 100 and every page has info about 1 person. How do you print that from the database.

I personally have something similar I want to accomplish. The “Bubble Page to PDF” plugin by Zerocode may be able to help you.

For more high customization/templates & other features I’m considering using AWS Lambda and some custom code to generate my reports
Thanks @sridharan.s for point out Lambda to me

PS Scott that does sound possible right, I’m headed in right direction lol?

I am not prining a page, I am printing a generated form for 100 people

Then yeah I would look into AWS Lambda to use an html & css template. That’s what I plan on doing once I’m further in my development

I’d be more than happy to write out a whole tutorial for you on this because I know depending on the kind of app you are developing this could be a critical component. But I’m not there yet myself, so all I can do it share what I know so far :confused:

Or this might be what you need:

These plugins should help:

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