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Geographic search inputs down


Anyone else’s geographic search boxes not working on their sites anymore? Running in safe mode and not working, and even changed apps entirely and still no good.


Working fine on my end; tested with my own API keys and without.

Have you recently changed over to your own API keys / switched to a paid plan?

Perhaps you can share a few screenshots of your setup for a bit of further debugging…


Interesting. I haven’t changed my bubble plan and I’ve changed some API keys for some other plugins within bubble and not any for google maps in the google cloud console, but I run my page in safe mode with no plugins or custom HTML and it still doesn’t work. Think I’ll need to raise a bug report, but very weird.


Hey I actually think it’s an issue with my Google api keys. I was playing with firebase last night and an API key got added to my google console but I deleted it.

I don’t understand though how that would affect my google maps and search bar plugins from working.


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